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Brian is a Texas-based Occupational Therapist who trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2013


The following are (1) video and (1) audio testimony from a couple of my co-workers. There are about 24 workers in the office where I work and I have prayed over 10 of them for the Lord to heal them and every one received healing.  Also I prayed over the phone for another co-worker who works at a different location for increased circulation to her legs/feet because they were always cold. The Lord instantly healed her and she has been great for 2 years now. All glory be to God always!


Video/Audio Healing Testimonies…………………

Live Healing Video Demonstration & Testimony

Live Video Healing Testimony

Live Audio Healing Testimony

More Live Audio Healing – (2) Testimonies

Healing/Deliverance (Includes all emotional/behavioral areas)

Cancer Specific Healing Video

All Major Body Systems Healing Video

Pain Commanded to Go in Jesus name Healing Video

Another Video- Commanding Pain Go in Jesus name

Elijah Challenge Group Street Healing