Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

We had a fruitful Elijah Challenge Training Event at Titlagarh with some of the most conservative leaders of the traditional Church of North India (CNI). There were over ninety delegates from various denominations and many youth including evangelists, pastors and church leaders in attendance.


Sixty to seventy years ago evangelical groups from abroad worked very hard to evangelize the Hindus. But after they left,  the work of church planting was neglected. But praise the  Lord for The Elijah Challenge which enabled many servants of God to go forward to use the Lord’s authority and power to heal the sick and cast out the demon for the sake of the gospel. It was a very good time for encouraging the servants of God and to reach out to the unreached with the Lord’s power and authority.


Healing Reports

A gentleman had a spinal cord injury. His doctor wanted to operate on him, but since he could not afford it he managed to get by with medication. But he was healed by the Lord and he testified.

A gentleman had a stomach infection and a problem with his finger for several years. He was not able to move his finger freely. Before ministering to him I touched his finger and it was indeed hard. He was healed instantly and he testified that he had been taking a lot of medication but was not healed. But at that moment the Lord healed him completely.

A middle age woman had been suffering in her back bone for the past three years. She had taken much medication but could not get well. She came to our training with much expectation,  and she was completely healed.

A woman who had suffered a lot from chest pain and a problem with breathing. Outwardly she looked healthy, but if she walked some distance she would feel tired. The Lord healed her instantly from the chest pain and difficulty with breathing.

A woman had problems with her back and neck for a year. She would undergo Ayurvedic massages when she felt the pain. At the event the Lord healed her.

A retired nurse had been suffering from gastritis and burning in her stomach for many years. We ministered healing at a distance to her from the training venue. After coming to the training, she called me and said that she also had a kidney problem. Over the phone I ministered her, and she reported that she is feeling better.

Below are photos of those who testified that the Lord had healed them during the demonstrations of healing according to the model of Jesus in the gospels.


“I am healed!”