By an Elijah Challenge Coordinator

17 June 2013

Miraculous healings & The Elijah Challenge in the Underground Church

After dinner, we were walking back to the hotel when my wife and I decided to buy some fruit. A street vendor was selling cherries and grapes. As we were looking, she said that she was going to lower the price as her left leg had become swollen and she wanted to go home. Upon further enquiry, we learned that she had a certain degree of pain there and being a very tough woman, she was able to endure it. We offered to heal her in the name of Jesus. As she had other customers, we had to wait.

A second street vendor

Meanwhile, another vendor came and said that she had pain in her knee too. So, now God had given us two people to heal in His name. When the customer left, we asked permission to minister to the fruit vendor. She said that her leg was not only swollen but her knees were painful. We asked her to squat but she could not. She was in pain when she tried to do so. We assured her of healing and laid hands on the swollen leg. In the beginning, we commanded in English. The fruit vendor was curious and asked by what name that we were “chanting.” We told her that we were not chanting. Then, to benefit her curiosity, we began commanding in  Mandarin.  She exclaimed excitedly that she is also a Christian. After the first command, she was so thrilled that she felt better. In the second command, she was completely healed. She squatted to prove that she was really healed.

The other vendor said that she needed healing in the back of her knee. The Christian fruit vendor immediately joined us and we taught her how to command healing in the name of Jesus. The second vendor was also healed. Since she said that she was a Buddhist, we testified to her that we were also formerly Buddhist but now we are worshipping the true God.

Then a third vendor

A third vendor was interested to be healed. She had this pain that ran along the side of her leg. We laid hand and commanded healing. She was healed of the pain. Sister Grace began to share Christ with her. This third vendor said that some members of her family are Christians. Her old grandmother got up every morning to pray to the Lord. She then asked for healing of her head and neck pain.

Sister Grace laid hands on her and commanded. She was gloriously healed. By that time, Sister Grace felt that this third vendor was ready to accept the Lord. As our Mandarin is not that super, we invited Malaysian Pastor Timothy Lam on our team to lead her in a salvation prayer. The third vendor gave her life to Christ and thanked us profusely. We told her to thank the Lord and to join the Christian fruit vendor in her house church.

Then a passing bicyclist healed

A man on bicycle rode by and witnessed all these things. He got down from his bicycle and wanted to healed of his painful leg. We laid hand on him and he was healed. We told him to give thanks to “Shang Di” (God in Mandarin) and he shouted out his thanks loudly. When he rode away, he said repeatedly, “I believe! I believe!”


Update – June 30

We actually visited that specific night market for a couple of nights to seek opportunities for Power Evangelism. We met the man who was healed painful leg again. He is a vendor who sells lady dresses in the night market with his wife. We sat down to share Christ with him. He is a staunch Buddhist but he said that he will explore further about this ‘ShangDi’ (God of Heaven). He had heard of Christianity, Jesus and ‘Mother Mary’. We had to quickly explain the difference between the Catholic and our faith so as to return to the topic of personal salvation through Christ. He was very happy and offered me a cigarette. I gently rejected the kind offer and instead offered him a prayer. He was receptive to the prayer and so we laid hand on his head and asked Holy Spirit to lead him and his family to the Truth.

Another middle-aged lady vendor who was healed the first night had yet to receive Christ. We met her as she was closing up her stall. She said she wanted blessings for herself and her small business. We took the opportunity to share The Gospel. She was reluctant and said that she was a Buddhist. We told her that we were former Buddhists too and how we have met the ‘One True God’. As we explained about how Christ took away all our sins, her disposition began to soften. The Holy Spirit was touching her heart and she became open to the invitation to accept Christ as her Savior. We led her in salvation prayer and after that she smiled sweetly. She said that she will follow the Christian lady vendor to the house church.

The young lady vendor who was saved on the first night was really on fire. She was encouraging this new believer and showing her how to pray too. It was so amazing to see how the Holy Spirit moved upon ordinary folks on the a street in the middle of this large city in Asia.

In the privacy of our hotel, we had a two-hour Elijah Challenge training for 3 local believers whom we met on the street too. They were from the North West. We went through with them the topic on “Authority and Power to Heal in the Name of Jesus” as found in Luke 9 and 10. we explained about mountain- moving faith and also the three authorities – Priestly, Prophetic and Kingly Authority. They were especially intrigued by the Kingly Authority. Overall, they were very receptive to the teaching and willing to exercise their faith in healing the infirm when they return to their hometown. 

Praise the Lord for these open doors. Please pray for these simple but faithful servants of the Lord as they serve God faithfully in their homeland.