Master Electrician Kurt & Mary Simms of Texas ministering in Kenya, East Africa
November 20, 2013
Watch Kurt’s Kenya Video: “The Kingdom of God”
“Greetings in the name of Jesus from Mulenyu in the town of WOTE!

On Sunday morning Kurt preached What happened to the Original Gospel Message? revealing the difference between what is preached today in most churches and that which was preached by the early disciples of Jesus Christ . After preaching Kurt & I commanded healing from a distance [as Jesus did in Luke 7] for about 75 people, and 3 people came forward to give testimonies.
Pastor Solo’s mother gave the first testimony. She had had problems with her legs and circulation, and she testified that she felt a fresh feeling go through her body; and afterwards her legs felt fine. The next lady had damage to her knees due to typhoid fever, and her legs were healed . Another lady had chest pain. She felt fire when we ministered healing at a distance.
 Boy’s twisted legs straighten and he walks normally
Following that we invited other  people with infirmities to come forward. We laid hands on many, and here are some of their testimonies: back healed, headache healed, arthritis in the legs healed. There was a little boy who had fallen out of a tree and his hip had been injured such that his legs were twisted with one leg shorter than the other. He walked with a bad limp. After we issued commands in Jesus’ name his legs straightened out, the pain was gone and he was able to walk normally.  There were other testimonies as well, but these were the significant ones. This concludes what happened at the Sunday morning service. 
We started The Elijah Challenge Training Monday morning at Mulenyu Christian Church International. At midday, we asked the trained disciples to come forward to heal various disciples in the class with various problems.  The trained disciples put to practice what they had learned and here are a few of the results.  
A woman had pain from head to toe which is normally classified as Fibromyalgia, and she was totally set free instantly. There were several women with knee and leg problems having pain and could not function normally. After the disciples took authority over the infirmities, the ladies tested the symptoms and they were all healed, giving glory to JESUS. There was a lady with severe pain in her feet and afterwards she was pain-free and walking normally.
At the end of our training session we asked  for more people to come forward after giving thanks to the LORD. All of a sudden out of nowhere an elderly man walked into the front door of the church walking with a cane, saying “I want to be healed.”  We asked him some questions, and he was pointing at his head saying he had a roaring noise in his head.  Many disciples came forward. I instructed them that this was demon and that they did not need to lay hands on him but simply to command the spirit to come out of him.  After the disciples took authority and commanded the spirit to come out, we interviewed him and his mind was sound. The man gave praise to the Lord and he came to know the LORD JESUS CHRIST  as his Savior and King that very day!
That evening on our way home Pastor Daniel wanted to stop at his brother-in-law Samuel’s grocery store. We sat down and had a few soft drinks while meeting him and his employees. I asked Samuel if he was born again, and he said that he was and that he loves the LORD.  I checked with the other 2 employees and they were also born again. I asked if there was anything that we could pray about for them and Samuel said the only thing was he was having trouble was with eyesight. I laid hands on his eyes and commanded his eyesight to be restored, and after that had him test his eyes by reading a small print ledger. He reported that his eyesight was much better but not 100%.  I took authority again over his eyesight and he could see perfectly.  
On our way to the church on Tuesday for the Training we stopped at the grocery store again, and Pastor Daniel asked if we would pray over his sick father-in-law (95 years old) who the night before had been vomiting and they were going to take him to the hospital.  He was in the back seat of the car, and Kurt got into the car to pray over his sickness. Afterwards he reported that all was well with his sickness. Then his daughter told me that he had trouble hearing and was almost completely deaf. Kurt laid hands on his ears and his hearing improved substantially. They told us he also had trouble walking, so we helped him out of the car. Then Kurt commanded healing over his legs after which he walked into the store on his own and sat down. 
Praise the LORD JESUS!”

The Elijah Challenge Training begins: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On our way to the Training at the Christian Church International located in a village called Mulenyu near the town of Wote. The training went smooth this morning with no power outages praise the Lord ! At the end of the morning session before lunch we called the trained disciples to come forward for a demonstration of healing. Several women came forward to be healed with knee and leg pain. After the disciples layed hands on them with authority by commanding healing and for the pain to go all of them were healed completely. One of the women felt heat in her knee while they were laying hands on her and after they stopped she felt a cold sensation and she replied I can walk home now. Following that the principal of a primary school brought over school age children Kurt  was able to tell them the story about Adam and Eve in which their disobedience caused spiritual death to spread to all men. They were so happy and responded well to the salvation call, many came to know Christ.
Tuesday 11/19/2013 The Elijah Challenge Training
This afternoon at closing several women came forward to be healed, the first lady had severe pain when her eyes were open and tears would flow, after she was ministered to all her pain was gone and the tears stopped. A lady with back pain was healed, two women with stomach ulcers were healed, a woman with pain in her leg was healed, a lady had back pain, shoulder pain, and when she would walk fast her heart would beat fast and she had chest pain, after she had been ministered to all her symptoms were gone and she was healed. There was a boy that had been injured from falling out of a tree that was ministered to on Sunday morning and his mother reported that he had been doing fine until today he was hurting during school so she brought him to be healed again. The mother had said his damage from the fall was in his hip joint so Kurt checked him out again and saw that his right leg was shorter than the left. Kurt had him sit in a chair and commanded his leg to grow as long as the other, all pain to go, and for his his hip joint to be healed. Following that the boy walked normally and was free of pain.
Wednesday 11/20/2013 The Elijah Challenge Training
In our morning session there were many that came up for healing: there were leg problems, arthritis problems—all of which were healed. There was also a lady who just received the training, and she felt [the Lord’s] power in her body. She exercised this healing power over a person the previous night, and the person was healed.
On Wednesday afternoon there were several more healed. There was a man with a hearing problem, a woman with pain on her side, and her arm had some paralysis. After we ministered to her the pain in her was still there so we commanded again, and she was healed. A pastor had a back problem. He felt warmth as we ministered to him, and was totally healed.  One man had problems with his eyesight. The first time his sight was not yet restored. After we kept “moving the mountain” with persistence, he was totally healed and restored. Another lady had swollen legs and hands, she was totally healed. Another lady had problems with her stomach, with an ulcer and her legs. She said she was healed and freed.  Another lady had a hearing problem, with persistence the mountain was moved—the pain stopped and she was healed.
Concluding on Wednesday, approximately 40 or so disciples who were in the training marched from the church into town—about a half mile walk. Pastor Daniel announced to the town that God had visited the disciples of Christian Church International through a man of God who had come from over 6000 miles away. He expressed his love for them and told them that God was working many miracles among us and that he wanted to announce that we would be coming back tomorrow to demonstrate to them that our God is the one and true God. He introduced Kurt to the town people in the middle of the square.
Kurt shared with them his testimony of how the Lord revealed Himself to Kurt revealing his sins and leading him to repentance and restoring our family. Following that he preached about the account in Mark 2 where Jesus had told the crippled man that his sins were forgiven. Following that Kurt told them that in the same way their sins could be forgiven by Jesus—and the proof would be in the miracles to be performed. A young man in his 20s came forward with back pain and was healed after which he accepted Jesus and was born again! A woman came forward and was healed of blindness and other pains in her body.
Thursday 11/21/2013  The Way Of The Master Training
The morning session there were many healed including stomach problems, arthritis in the legs, there was a boy that was suffering from malaria and cerebral palsy, he was very tiny and frail for his 4 year old body. His mother carries him for he cannot walk , we prayed many times over him , by the end of our praying for him , he had become more alert and over all more strong, his face looked peaceful. His mother also suffered from skin problems (itchy scalp ) and a backache, she was also healed. We also prayed for another lady that had backache and body pains she was healed. There was another lady suffering from demons , we prayed over her and the demons were gone ! She did experience fire in her leg and then coldness , so the power was working in her body. AMEN ! 
Concluding Thursday we went back to the town square and the church sat up sound and performed singing and dancing. Following that Kurt preached about a story in the Bible from John 9 where Jesus healed a man that had been born blind, when questioned by his disciples was it because of his sin or his parents sins Jesus replied neither that it was so the power of God could be seen in him. Kurt then preached about sin, judgement, hell, then the Gospel. Following that about three women came to be healed with deafness, blindness, and back problems and all of them were healed!                                                                  
Friday 11/22/2013  The Way Of The Master Training
After the conclusion of the training the disciples went out in groups of two going door to door, this was by far the most fruitful day of the week. Following that the disciples returned with testimonies and celebration ! There were at least 6 or seven new converts added to the church which actually came back to the church to give glory to God. Many were healed and born again.
Saturday 11/23/2013  Traveled From Wote To Nairobi
We traveled back to Nairobi and stayed with Pastor Daniel’s wife’s sister and brother in law who was a retired professor and now practicing natural medicine. His wife was the Pastor of Tabibu Church International. Dr. Manundu told me his testimony. Back in the day he used to eat a meat-based diet excluding all vegetables and fruits. He experienced many health problems and was on approximately 30 prescription drugs. Eventually this frustrated him with many side effects and caused him to go blind. He began to seek healing ministries and encountered many false prophets wanting his money. One day a man of God told him to go home and the next day he would be healed. So the next day he woke up and was still blind. He asked for his Bible and after opening it his sight returned. Following this he started studying God’s word for the correct foods to eat. He discovered that God has many natural cures by eating the right foods mainly found in fruits and vegetables. His eyes were healed but he still had the other health problems so he took supplements or prescription drugs. Eventually he went blind again. During our conversation he told me that it was not a coincidence that we were spending the night in his house.He asked me to minister to him and after I did he could see part of my face. I continued to minister to his eyes and each time he could see a little more. After about seven times we decided we would wait until morning to see how his eyes were. 
Sunday 11/24/2013 Tabibu Church International
Sunday morning I was asked to preach at their church Tabibu Church International. After teaching about “What Has Happened To The Original Gospel Message?” Kurt preached the Law, sin, judgement, and The Gospel after which we commanded healing at a distance but no one came forward with a testimony of healing. I believe these people were fearful after what Kurt had preached. Following that we asked people to come forward to be healed if they had any sickness in their bodies and no one was coming, so after many requests the people came forward and we laid hands on several people and they were all healed of many symptoms. Dr. Manundu testified in tears saying that his eyes were better that morning and asked us to lay hands on him one last time. Following that his eyes were the best they had ever been but still lacking complete 20/20 vision. When Kurt and I first met him he could not even see Kurt’s face, but now he can see! We believe they will be completely healed.
This completes a summary of our trip to Kenya, Africa! Thank you for all your prayers !
We give all the glory to the Lord our God Jesus Christ !
Email from host pastor Solomon Kyengo
“Hello, Mary and Kurt. Thanks so so much for the Lord using you so powerfully to heal the pastors and my village people. This time God visited the laid back village. May the Lord bless William and his wife. May the Lord bless Kurt and Mary. Now I have the keys to heal the sick, I will heal the whole Kenya in Jesus’ name. Keep me posted on your next visit in Africa. I love to be part of the Elijah Challenge team. I miss the words to thank you…  We love you. [My wife] Rachel totally healed. Hallelujah.”
[Many photos to be added soon]