Albert Kang of Malaysia is the Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia

October 2012

Reports from Albert Kang

In January 2008, the US-based Director of The Elijah Challenge trained the believers at Emmanuel Church of Singapore. Four years later, Elder Tee Hock Seng invited me and Sister Grace to conduct a half day Elijah Challenge seminar and a worship service.

Here are some photos of what the Lord did through ordinary believers who exercise their God-given power and authority to heal the sick.

The brother in the wheelchair was healed of a nagging neck and shoulder pain. The brothers who ministered to him did get him to walk but he was still very weak.

Brother Tee ministered healing to a young man who had pain in his back and instantly, the man was healed. He was able to bend over without pain.

A lady was healed of her frozen shoulder. A sister was healed of pain in the head and neck. An elderly sister who had arthritis in her leg was healed. She kept saying in a loud voice that she could walk without pain.

A man with chronic back pain for over six years was healed. An elderly lady with pain all over her body was also healed. Praise the Lord for this church that is most willing to be used by the Lord for greater evangelistic efforts.

Photos of the event on Facebook