Participants to our October 2015 Atlanta Training Event came from New York City and Los Angeles and points in between. Some came from West Virginia, Alabama and Georgia.

When Sandy, a blond woman from Alabama perhaps in her early forties, first approached us in the hallway outside the conference room where we were teaching The Elijah Challenge, we wondered from her slurred and dulled speech if perhaps she was mentally challenged or on drugs. She managed to convey to us that the devil had done his best to keep her from the Training Event.

Later that evening near the end of the first training session a sister named Maxine was miraculously healed from severe sciatica which limited her to a painful hobble. After disciples ministered to her, Maxine was able to walk freely and briskly back and forth with no pain. Another lady named Sally who originally hailed from England was healed from years of constant severe pain in the arches of her feet. She had been treated by various doctors to no avail. Injections were futile. But after sisters put their hands on her arches and twice commanded the pain to go in the name of Jesus Christ, the pain disappeared and Sally was able to walk pain-free. Later that weekend others were also miraculously healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

On the second day of the Training at the end of the morning session we did another demonstration of healing. We asked the believers if anyone needed healing. Immediately Sandy raised her hand. Gingerly, she stood up and walked up to the front to us.

We inquired about her condition. Two weeks earlier she had been involved in a car accident where she suffered from severe whiplash. She was experiencing terrible pain in her head and neck, pain which nearly immobilized her and led us to think that she could have been mentally challenged in some way. She could not move her head freely without pain.

We asked for a few disciples to come to the front to minister healing to her in the name of Jesus Christ. Three believers including Sandy’s husband came forward. We instructed them to minister as the Lord Jesus did as recorded in the gospels. They placed their hands around Sandy’s neck. Then repeating after us, they rebuked the pain with authority and finality, and commanded the infirmity and injury to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sandy’s facial demeanor began to change. When they were done, we immediately asked her how she felt. The pained expression on her face had faded. She was turning her head this way and that. A smile broke out on her face. The excruciating pain had gone. She was moving her head around freely.

Excitedly Sandy began to testify to the people what had happened to her—now speaking normally. She was suddenly perky and animated. For the rest of the Training we saw a vivacious woman with a smile on her face always wanting to come forward to heal the sick in the name of Jesus Christ as evidence to the lost that He is the only way to the Father.



After the Training some participants approached us to tell us in so many words that the event had radically changed the way they saw and understood the Scriptures, and how they would now share the gospel with the lost.

Luke 10:9 “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘the kingdom of God has come near to you.’ ”

The next Elijah Challenge Training Event is scheduled for Las Vegas the weekend of April 22-24, 2015.