September 2011

On Saturday, September 29 we taught The Elijah Challenge at Union Baptist Association in Houston, Texas. The following afternoon a group of trained disciples gathered in Houston’s Fifth Ward to go door-to-door to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God.


Sister Dana wrote on Monday following the Sunday door-to-door visitation:

“It was a wonderful time, we ended up breaking up into two groups. We asked if there was anybody sick or if anyone needed prayer.  Several people know about God but not experience Him.  I ended up with Lisa in team #1.  The first man we encountered was able to walk out of his wheelchair, his pain was gone, and his swelling in his feet was reducing.  His face changed and was hugging the guys.   

We saw this lady walking away, so we caught up to her and asked her if she was feeling pain anywhere in her body.  She looked at us bewildered, not sure so she started asking us questions, which Christ we believed in…it was great.  She was ministered to for all pain and trauma to go from her lower back, right knee, and head.  She was very apprehensive at first, she wanted to know who was praying for her and started asking Bible questions before anyone lay hands on her… smart woman.  She said the Bible said the laying of hands with oil so she said if you don’t have any anointed oil, you can’t pray for me.  I started looking for mine but Lisa beat me to it.  It’s the only way she would accept anyone to touch her.  LOL.  The Lord was restoring joy, healing a broken heart, heartaches, dealing with worries and stress…this older women received energy, strength, her mind was more sharper…many just needed encouragement and just wanted prayer.  

The young girls were able to pray with the teenagers and small children.  One of the little girls I talked to asked me if I had a book to give to them.  As it started getting near 4-5 o’clock, several of team needed to leave.  We got to speak over her life, we had some people in the team operating in the prophetic after each healing encounter, which was extra sweet for the recipients.  They needed a word from the Lord.  By the end of each encounter, people were smiling and even laughing.  As we were leaving, people were waving at us and smiling.”


Brian M. from Houston wrote:

I am an occupational therapist and so I see people that are in need of healing. I prayed over a patient after I attended the Elijah Challenge. I rebuked the pain that she had in her ribs and after 3 rounds of commanding pain to leave it left and a huge smile came over her face and she was so happy. She had to tell her daughter since she was an elderly Spanish speaking lady. Her daughter said that she said “the pain is completely gone”.

I also prayed over another patient for strength to come into his right of his body and for cancer to leave his body. He presented with stronger right side strength afterwards and said he is “stronger now”. 

I will continue to pray and grow in faith to move more mountains.

Thank you all so much. God bless you.


Brian wrote again two months later in November:

“I have been extremely busy but wanted to give a quick update on the successes the Lord Jesus is doing. I have been laying hands on my home health care (adult) patients. I have seen the following healings: Stage 4 cancer tumor in brain and lungs disappeared in 2 patients, near deaf ears opened to normal hearing, Tinnitus (ears ringing) stopped and normal hearing restored, hip fracture instantly healed, biceps tendon rupture instantly healed, arthritis pain gone and ALWAYS pain of any sort leaves when commanded to do so in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I also have had the opportunity to pray over my co-workers for headaches caused by allergies, one co-worker had a hangover headache that left when ministered to, another co-worker had knee surgery ligament repair and deteriorated cartilage but had pain in both knees as well as pain in his hips. I commanded cartilage to be recreated in Jesus’ name and knees be made whole as well as pain in the knees and hips leave. Every bit happened as commanded.

I also ministered to my friend via healing at a distance (Luke 7). He had severe back pain and knee pain. Both were instantly healed and he actually jumped up and down while talking with me on the phone. I did minister to a blind patient who did not instantly receive her sight back but the paralyzed arm did start to gain “trace” muscle firing restoration.”


Brother Joel wrote the following week:

“I have two very encouraging reports.

Firstly, as I mentioned I started teaching the Elijah Challenge material to my Sunday School class today using the PowerPoint files. I was able to seamlessly bridge the teaching with some other teachings that I had been doing over the last several months which focused on the works of Jesus through a verse by verse study of the book of Mark.

When we started only about three people were present but soon enough more students arrived in time to hear most of the teachings. By the end of the class we may have had about 15 people or so in attendance.

I started off by sharing the testimony of Kurt and Mary Simms, then I shared the Caveat on false prophets and then I went into the material on the restoration of power, sharing the context of Elijah’s ministry and that of John the Baptist. This covered about 60 slides so I was not able to go much further as we had only one hour. However, I did notice that some people were taking notes and asking questions. It was evident that the teaching created some interest as people were very attentive and enthused. I think it would be fair to say that it also wetted their appetites for more.

The highlight of the class came towards the end when I said that we were going to have a practical component to the class to demonstrate healing. As you suggested, I asked if there was anyone who was experiencing any kind of pain in their body, whether it was headaches, back pains, knee pains, etc. One guy said that he had a headache, so I asked him to come forward.

When he came forward I asked him how long he had been experiencing these headaches and what part of his head was hurting. He said that he had the head ache for the last two weeks and that it was hurting on both sides of his head. In clear view of the class I proceeded to lay my hand on the left side of his head and with my eyes open I rebuked the head ache in the name of Jesus Christ and commanded it to leave and all the pain to go. After my short prayer I asked him how does it feel and he said he was still feeling some pain but he wasn’t sure. So I looked at the class and I said guess what we’re going to do? They said pray again to which I said yes. So I laid hands on his head again using my authority to rebuke the headache and command the pain to leave. After my short prayer I asked how do you feel. With a smile on his face and almost a look of disbelief he said that he wasn’t sure but that he felt different and that something moved. So I asked him if he could quantify the reduction in pain how  much would it be… 15%, 20% or how much?

His answer was a whopping 90% reduction! I said we thank the Lord for that and then I turned to the class and said we’re not satisfied with that so guess what we’re going to do now… and they knew, we were going to pray again. So for the third time I used the Elijah Challenge A-bomb and commanded that head ache to go and I said the Lord Jesus heals you. When I asked him how he felt he said with a smile that all the pain was gone! Praise the Lord… I could see the look on the faces of the class that they were buoyed and excited to see this demonstration of healing before their eyes. Later I told them that I didn’t want them to be too impressed with that because what they saw was not a magic formula or for someone who was gifted. I told them that they too will be doing that and more in the coming weeks.

So although I did not have sufficient time to get into how Jesus ministered healing to the sick in this session, my demonstration served to highlight how Jesus did it and I did point out to them afterwards certain things like speaking directly to the situation, not closing my eyes, not praying to the Father and not doing anything spooky. I think they were greatly encouraged and excited by what they saw although this was only the first step. I must say too that I was also greatly encouraged and I am looking forward to much more that the Lord will do in and through us!

I did see him after the service and he said that the pain was coming and going so I told him that it will try to return but that if it does that he has the authority to rebuke it in Jesus’ name.

For the second report, I went to the hospital this evening to visit a friend who has been in and out of hospital over the last several weeks. He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been experiencing excruciating headaches. Along with my brother and another friend we prayed over him. Then I prayed laying hands on his head using the Elijah Challenge A-bomb a couple of times to rebuke the tumor, commanding it to dissolve and to die in Jesus name. What was visibly obvious was that before we prayed he was in pain which he confirmed. However, after we prayed the pain had subsided significantly and he yawned a few times while we were praying. I believe that our prayers did push that “mountain” towards the “sea” and I encouraged him after by saying that I believe the Lord will heal him. However, I anticipate that more prayer and commands may be necessary to completely obliterate that tumor. I am believing God to do it and I plan to call him on the phone tomorrow to pray over him again using my authority to destroy that tumor.

So in all, today was a very encouraging one for me and I believe that God will use me to do even greater works than these… I can’t wait!”


Brother Andy from Ohio wrote the following week:

“I taught healing at my church and Jesus confirmed it with a miracle!” accompanied by a YouTube video