October 2013 report from Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator, Pastor Albert Kang, who with his wife Grace is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They returned to Malaysia from their first mission trip to Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia formerly known as Burma. Brother Albert also teaches for Haggai Institute in Malaysia. Here is his report:
“Aroma Church in Myanmar is only six months old. It serves as a Bible School and also a church. There are five students attending this six-month Bible program. Pastor Jacob Thang Hen Vel is the founding pastor with a vision for the people of Myanmar. The 36-year old minister was one of the Haggai participants who attended my Communication class recently. From 27th September to 7th October 2013, Grace and I were invited to minister in Myanmar by this young pastor. His church was small but we felt the presence of the Lord. The hall had only two electric fans and so perspiration was the order of the four-day seminar. Every day, from 10:30 AM till past 3:00 PM, the Lord confirmed his Words with miracles.
Pastor healed on the first day
For four days, the faithful group came to learn. Miracles began to happen even on the very first day. A middle-aged pastor testified that he was praying for his painful back to be healed for four years. He could not understand why nothing happened. He had faith to believe but yet he was not healed. Only when he came to the Elijah Challenge training that he realized that he was had mistaken the Biblical way of healing. He should not simply pray but apply the authority and power of the Lord to heal. He was thrilled after some of the participants laid hands on him and he was completely healed. During the time of his testimony, he was bending his back and felt absolutely no pain. A brother was relieved of pain and discomfort on his right shoulder and neck. A Bible School student was healed of her back pain and also pain in the abdomen. A lady pastor had her sore throat healed too.

On the second day, a middle-aged sister was wonderfully healed of her frozen shoulder. She touched her formerly painful shoulder and was thrilled that the pain was gone. She vigorously moved her arm and finally she raised both hands to the Lord in total victory over her pain. A man and his wife came specifically for healing of his breathing condition. Through interpretation provided by Pastor Jacob, we deciphered that he most probably suffered from asthma. At that moment, behind the smiling face, there were glimpses of discomfort as he caught his breath in between sentences. His wife was full of faith and she laid hands on him. Other participants also joined in the commands for healing and as expected, the brother immediately felt relief in his breathing. This time, the smile was wider and he exclaimed that he was completely healed.

My wife Grace taught two sessions on the third day. An evangelist joined our training and he had a bad pain for a long time. The trained believers were quick to respond to his needs. They laid hands and in three rounds of commands, this minister was completely healed. He bowed low to test his back and then stood up straight in reserved surprise written on his face because there was no more pain.

 Paralyzed grandmother healed at a distance

On the fourth day, Grace and I taught the participants how to apply healing-at-a-distance as Jesus did in Luke 7 with the centurion’s servant. One brother faithfully commanded his paralyzed grandmother (who was not present) to be healed. The next day, with subdued joy, he told Pastor Jacob Thang Hen Vel and us that he had just received a call from his family that his grandmother was healed. She had gotten up and walked around the time of his command of faith. Wow! What a powerful testimony of what the name of Jesus can do. Praise the Lord! 

 Woman with diabetes set free from accompanying pain & numbness

A middle-aged lady came specifically for healing. She had diabetes and the disease had affected her nerves. Her legs were both painful and numb. Many parts of her body was in pain. The sisters who were trained in healing ministry took action and began to command healing. Part by body part, the pain left this lady. Her legs were the final challenge and they seemed to resist healing. However, the faith of the trained believers did not waver. They continued to command and finally, victory. The healed woman was so grateful and testified excitedly. She took my hand and danced because now her legs had no more pain and the soles were no longer numb.

 Miraculous healings at very influential Burmese church

On 6th October, 2013, Grace and I were invited to minister at the afternoon service at Grace Assembly of God Church in Yangon, Myanmar. This is a very old and established church. The brothers and sisters there have created great impact among the Burmese people for many years. Many of their pastors and church leaders are well-known evangelists and powerful preachers of God’s Word. We have the privilege of conducting a simple healing service for this wonderful church. As expected, the Lord confirmed His Word with many signs and wonders.

The first group of people healed was mostly ladies. Among them were those with chronic back pain, joint pain, muscular disorders, stomach disorders and problem with normal movements and activities. Every single lady was healed. The men also received healing miracles from the Lord. A man with pain the side of his body and arm raised his hand to thank God for healing him. A leader of the church came up to testify of his painful legs being healed. He even did a two-step in spite wearing a ‘longyi’. Another brother testified of being healed of his painful neck.  

To demonstrate that it wasn’t us or Pastor Jacob who had special healing power, we invited three young men to minister healing to a brother who had a persistent frozen shoulder. The three men were more persistent than the pain and they dutifully ordered the pain to go in the name of Jesus. Within three commands, the pain went off completely. What a powerful God we have.

These were the first healing testimonies of our first mission trip to Myanmar. We are planning more healing mission trips in the near future. As you see these photos, kindly say a prayer for all the servants of God serving so faithfully and tirelessly in the thirsty land of Myanmar.”

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