By Simon Langley in England
September 2012 
I contacted you on the 25th August (2012) after hearing your ministry via Omega Man talk radio. You kindly put me in touch with Brother Peter Pap in Northampton who had been trained by you.
I just wanted to encourage you with what has happened today. I went to see Peter face to face to check out he wasnt an imposter or crazy- and he wasn’t. He told me first hand how God moved via the authority given to him and his team at two pagan festivals in regards to healings, deliverences and words of knowledge etc. So I knew I had to step out. I have been a Spirit filled beliver who believes in the gifts of the Spirit for years, but somehow I had missed that Jesus and the disciples commanded and never prayed in ministering and preaching the Kingdom to the lost.
A small group of us- and Peter- stepped out today in our town fete. (We live in Bletchley, which was once famous as being the place British codebreakers broke the Nazi Enigma code…but the town has since fallen on hard times and many town buildings and shops are empty and run down. People are poor and few churches thrive here). We had a small tent and a sign simply saying “Free Healing”.
This is what happened…..
Definite healings we saw straight away:
(NB numbers denote pain levels- high numbers much pain, low numbers low/ no pain)
John- solicitor that had lost his job, home, wife, children and was living on the streets, ulcerated feet which shrank as we prayed for them. An emotional day as yesterday was a year to the day when his wife had thrown him out and his divorce is going through next week. Ministry, prayers and words of knowledge given, we gave him a Bible.
John- is a Mormon. Has the end of flu with phlegm and mucous on his chest. Prayed for him and he could breathe again. Also healed of asthma, had been using pump many times every day. Could feel it leaving as praying. God told him he was under the Law and needed to be set free by the Spirit. He listened.
Terry- pain in knee and lower back. Was in wheelchair and partially disabled. Pain went from a 4-0. Also received a word that he had oppressive depression, which he was helped to renounce. ‘Use your knees to bow to the Lord’. We discerned a demon but was not the time to cast out. Wife was a trainee medium who, incredibly, had been told by (we think) a witch at the other end of the street that being a trainee medium was wrong! At that point she came straight to us and she offered to get Terry prayed for!  She listened intently and they took Bibles.
Stuart- was healed of an Achilles heal. Completely healed with total flexibility and movement and no pain after 2 years. His other foot hurt from over compensating but he didn’t think we could heal that?! He did come back and testify that the pain was still gone after a few hours on his feet.
Simon (partner of Katarina)- had pain in lower back, God told us it was a car crash, and he confirmed this was correct. He had suffered shock and trauma. Pain was healed straight away- he was quite shocked and thankful! ‘God loves you’
Marie- suffering from ‘stress’. Husband has died a year ago, and its nearly the anniversary. ‘God wants you to know his peace’ ‘turning our moaning into joy’. Gave ministry and sent her to church.
Sarah- had pains in hands for 18 years. Doctors said she could not be helped. She had no pain at all after we lifted a curse. We also gave her a word that she is very serious and that God wants her to feel his joy.
Rose- chest (emphysema) and stomach Connie had the word ‘children’. Fatty liver, and IBS, and a drink problem. ‘you are like a dented car, but the Lord only cares for the engine?!’ ‘God loves the inside’. She explained that she had 2 children born 12 years apart on the same day; which was today! They were on drugs and had hurt her in many ways and we ministered to her so that she may feel healing and forgive her children and turn to God. ‘peace like a river’.
Alison- a sort of carpel tunnel syndrome in feet. Before we laid on hands God revealed her toe ring was cursed to both of us at once. It was sentimental but after deliberation, on our advice, she cast it into the drain. Words of knowledge rattled off with incredible accuracy at that point- too many to list now. ‘Walk in Gods ways. Prayed for her son- Callum, gone to Afghanistan in army. ‘He will trade his gun for a camera’, he had taken it with him- and put it on top of his case the morning he left. He and she are going to go through a hard time (from his experiences of war) but he will emerge changed in a good way and be a man of peace. Adam– traumatised/abused by friends in the woods. Loves life and full of pride. Involved in drugs and police. Alison is “like a bear protecting her cubs”, and she started to cry and said that her kids call her mother bear. Prayed about her having a block, emotional wall, she is also bold and brave with “face like a lion”. Jesus told her she needed to commit to Him. She took a Gospel of Mark for mains and the Bible for desert. She appeared to received the most ministry of the day- God had introduced her to His Kingdom independently of the church…..
Charlotte- throat nose, clogged up infected, nose bleeding, swollen tonsils. Able to breathe and airways cleared.
Asa- sore throat. Gone!
Dennis- slipped disk and sciatica, and dermatitis. Pain for 30 years, pain was 9-0 in 2 mins. His response was ‘Wow! There is a God!’ Massive impact, he looked shell shocked.
 Zoe- 14 yr old pain in leg, 6-0 started jumping about in 2 mins.
Shairi’s mum- pain reduced in knee, shoulder, neck, arm, arthritis. 8-0, then started up again, 8-0
Linda- prolapsed disk, 4-0
Kaneez- bad hip, throbbing leg pain all day, every day. 9/10-0.
Joanne- osteo arthritiuas pain 4-0
Jonathan- cough. Gone. Word; adventurous but needs to be careful about risks. Prayed for peace from racing thoughts.
Dina- pain in back, spinal gap, disk bulge, pain was 2-1. More ministries arranged. Umbilical hernia, and curse of Kali. Was told that we cannot pray further until she accepts Jesus as if we cast out Kali demon, and house swept clean, seven more wicked spirits will enter her. Was given Bible and told to read Mark, and Jesus words about counting the costs before committing to Him.
Peggy- prayed for Jesus to come into her life, and strength, felt better.
Joan- hips need replacing?! In pain for months 7/8-0.
Gary- back had slipped disk, been in pain for 7 years, pain was a 9. Now an 0!
Healings we could not see straight away but seemed to be better;
Katarina- carpel tunnel syndrome. Mostly pain in morning  and during night so hard to tell at this point. ‘every morning you will do the work the Lord sends you to do’ and that God revealed she was a nurse/ carer, and that he was going to use her in time to minister healing to others. Pain disappeared. She was stunned.
Elieen- sick lethargic, tired, constant nausea, high blood pressure. Picture of bottle- she’s a barmaid! Burst blood vessel in lips, anxiety about husband being sick- he is a diabetic. Said she felt peaceful.
Lorraine- polycystic ovaries, had ministry regarding mental blocks, fear, and healing from a dog attack God revealed. Various words of knowledge. God told her to come back into fellowship with Christians 
Sharna- gall bladder op left her unable to eat without sudden loose bowels.
Kerry- ‘receive the peace of Jesus. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, deep depression, panic- healed. Mum Margaret has lymphocima.
We gave out over 30 letters discussing what had happened and signposting to Bible believing, Spirit filled churches, and many bibles and Gospel of mark pamphlets given out. At some points the team ministered solidly for about an hour (some more) and at times there was a queue two deep as people waited for prayer. 
Please use these stories on your site/ in training as an encouragement to others. I would urge anybody watching your training videos- compare what you teach to scripture. It fits. And then do it. You will see God move. I noticed the more I stepped out the more He moved.
Bless you and thank you!