Manly Slough trained with The Elijah Challenge online

Reports on Miracles in the Land of the Rising Sun

“Greetings from Japan in the name of our precious Lord.

Here are two photos of some of the people who attended our Elijah challenge training in our home on Wednesday night, and another picture of those who attended our Elijah Challenge training at Okinawa Mission Church on Thursday night.  Those who came to our home meeting are members from five different churches and represent ages running from 12 to 77. 11

Right from the beginning, God was present and in one night during demonstration time, five people were healed and one person was delivered from an unclean spirit.

It’s interesting to note that one of the hardest things we have to confront isn’t healing the sick or casting out evil spirits or ancestral worship, etc. But rather it’s breaking the traditions of the church that has been the greatest stumbling block.  The greatest clarity has been the difference between our Priestly office on the one hand, and our Kingly office involving authority as a believer in Christ on the other hand. With this understanding, many of the believers (all Okinawans) have grown much in their walk with Christ.

We have also started the Elijah Challenge at Okinawa Mission Church (with all Japanese believers) this month and look forward to doing so in other churches as we have received some interest from another Japanese pastor.

We travel to Ishigaki Island every month to conduct services and we are seeing some wonderful changes there as well. 

My wife Junko and I are looking forward to when we will go full time in His service.”