Peter Pap and Modern Jesus Army trained with The Elijah Challenge
July 2013

Reports from Peter & Modern Jesus Army

Reports from the United Kingdom

You will see there were many different situations, not all of them were healing of physical infirmities, but still plenty of those! 🙂  It seemed like the through the healings the team “broke the ground”, people got very open and some clearly received God’s direction. Another great event where through a small healing team Jesus was glorified and entered people’s lives. Praise God!

Here is a rough report of what happened, it was pretty inspiring! 🙂

Rock & Bike Festival 11th – 14th July 2013

Team: Ralph (Dayspring), Paul (Redeeming Love), Lesley & Grace (Springfield)

Arrived mid morning on Thursday to set up our ‘Free Healing’ gazebo. We soon ministered for the guy on the clothing stall next door called Bednapth, who had swollen toes and feet. Even though we prayed for him several times throughout the festival and washed his feet he was not healed. He was very generous to us, giving us clothes; let us charge our phones etc. When Lesley mentioned we had nothing to give him, he said you have given me a warm feeling in my heart of happiness and friendship that money cannot buy.

Before the festival started we also ministered/prayed for another stall holder June who was a tarot card reader and Reiki healer. She had high blood pressure and pain in her back and shoulder. When we laid hands on her, she felt a heat and the pain went. For the rest of the festival she kept coming to say we had a “power” and sending people over to be healed!

Another stallholder was Colin from the doughnut stall. He walked in limping and walked away without a limp.

Rodger – Gout healed

Chris – Knees and shoulder instant healing, visible to see skin loosening

Nigel – Prayer for unset heal bone

Liam – Damaged shoulder diving. Two ops and extreme nerve damage and can’t move arm. Still not enough movement when we prayed, but he thinks something happened.

Rhonda came in for prayer as she had lost her “angels” which she felt gave her peace.  We explained about the Holy Spirit and she was filled with the Holy Spirit when we prayed.

Harry – torn ligament in thumb, no healing

Sue, Francesca, Julie – Emotional healing for burdens. Came back and brought Kelly who was stressed and had arthritis. Felt better and was surprised.

Charlotte & Reece – Prayed for Charlotte who had recently suffered bereavement and now fears her mum and dad dying. Rebukes the fear and she felt peace.

Julia who was a Reiki healer, was healed of tension causing pain in her neck, shoulders and head. The pain instantly went. 

Paige, was a young girl who felt she was a bad person and wanted to be clean. Gave her life to Jesus.

Spoke to a crowd of lads – Alex, Ricky, Rowan and Aaron

Ian – security guard, prayed for closeness to God and holiness.

Paul and Ralph had curry with Michael – tattooist.

Tammy kids stall holder – just enquiring

Helen and 2 friends – wandered over to see what we were up to, had a word for her regarding guilt from her mum. It turned out that her mum had a breakdown and blamed Helen for it. She was then ostracised from her family and called the black sheep. We prayed for healing and for her to be released from this guilt.

Jo – felt heat and free from pain in her coccyx

Sian – for peace, healing to help cope with the grief from loosing her brother

Carl – ministered for the pain in his lower back (from lifting his disabled son) to go.

Dave – feeling the pain, received prayer for Gods love to be with him. He said “ thanks glad to have met you”

Michelle – damaged knee she said she felt power and heat and crunching in knee stopped

Nigel – neck, shoulders and back due to falling from a roof. He came because Michelle felt the heat

Babette – arthritic knee

Louise – had prayer for stress and for peace to come. Tears.

Hayley – epilepsy, backache, emotional. Began to well up. She felt that everything was her fault but we spoke value in to it.

Paul – knee was healed

Stephen – had both knees healed and felt peace

Becky – healed from back and left arm pain

Helen – healed from stiff knees prayed for her to have peace which she received. Word about bitterness, which God has removed

Margi – quick healing and amazed at return of movement of right shoulder. She confessed some hidden bad feeling towards gay daughter. Confessed Jesus is lord.

Diane – stomach problem, felt better and back pains gone and received peace hallelujah

Michael – something wrong with belly for weeks, doctor gave medication but was not effective next step is operation. When ministered healing he felt warmth and then gone.

Wayne – Sent by friend who was healed of bad knee pain yesterday. In prayer for knees felt warmth as we placed hands on them. Also for release of burdens – felt better.

Joe & Samantha (friends of Carole Restoring) – asked for prayer for peace and energy. Loved it

Julian – high blood pressure, diabetes, she felt at peace and relief from stress

Claudine – (wife of Julian) stressed and depressed, felt better and relaxed and opened up to us

Caroline – “I feel like I have had 10 pints” rebuked all the wrong in her body. Amen!

Cindy – (Leather boots lady) told her a word about giving her soul to Satan when young etc she said she had and done much she regretted but daren’t open the door. Told her Jesus would break the chains.

Paul – healed from arthritis in his right shoulder. He couldn’t believe it. The pain was gone. Swinging his arm

Julie – broken toe. She felt it move and tingle, swelling was reduced, no pain and could walk fine

Paul – sciatic nerve in leg, prayed for healing, no change but 20 minutes of long conversation & heart connection about life, Jesus and the why’s and how’s , real friend made

Claire – degenerative disease in spine. Healed & pain gone

Mick – (Julies husband) foot swelling, visible evidence, foot better than ever

Dee – prayed with for insomnia

Billy – security, torn ligaments, some improvement

Ryan & Charlie – Ryans wrist – cart wheeled – Charlie – hole in the heart from much past hurts. Doesn’t want the hard hearted path. Jesus thank you…(setting up contact with our Liverpoolchurch)

Louise Limb (photographer of a magazine) – cup of tea, cake and share with us, prayed with her to feel refreshed

Sally – felt heat when we prayed for back pain

Sue – heavy legged, after ministry + prayer she shared she didn’t feel heavy legged any more

Tony from Christian Biker’s Association – arthritic degeneration, leading to negativity in thought, wanted to crawl in the corner and die, that was not the way he left the tent

Simon – spine injuries, on a crutch & arthritic knees, said he felt something strange in his back

Willow (wicker name) – said she cried a lot due to disabled husband, prayed for freedom, for her to open up to God. Freedom from superstitions

Jill – had a good cry, making a decision to get away from a dependant relationship, prayed for healing from wounds

Michelle – (from Liverpool) release from stress, felt peace and hope

Adam – back problem, great chat and he moved on in anticipation of sensations

Chaos – a “God chat” and allowed us to bless him

Woody – seeker from Leicester, got a strong feeling we will see him again. His mates asked if they could ring me too.

Ross – would only let us pray in the name of Jesus referred to by Holy Joe’s café (Christian Biker’s Association). Could not hear her own voice, ears started to open and we taught her to rebuke the deafness herself.

Simon – twisted arm, twist marks and pain gone. Came running over the field to the tent.

David – back pain gone, had for 18 years, Feels like his back again, doctors did not know what it was

Stephen – (young black lad) “what’s this healing about” prayed with him to feel a connection with God, he was brought up a Christian and had fallen away, we encouraged him to be a man of God.