June 2019 report from an American missionary serving overseas who trained with The Elijah Challenge. Such reports can be commonplace (as they are in the gospels) as more and more missionaries and gospel workers are properly trained in the use of the Lord’s supernatural power and authority.

Story: Man plagued by sp!r!t for 22 yrs set free in the Son’s Name!

 “While we were out of country, our national partner Chal was having house ch in High Tea village, where a man was visiting from a bigger town about an hour away.  This man was H!ndu and had been to many different temples and H!ndu priests, but no one was able to drive his d3m0n out.  The man’s wife told Chal that the man gets violent when the sp!r!t took control of him, so they should tie him down.  But instead, Chal boldly started commanding it to leave in the name of the Son (as demonstrated through the Elijah Challenge method found in the Word).  The evil sp!r!t did manifest and started speaking through the man to Chal.  Instead of violence, it went to Chal’s feet and started begging him not to cast him out.  The sp!r!t said that it “loved and needed” the man, but Chal continued to command it out until it left.

Everyone was amazed who witnessed it.  The following two stories came from the man set free:

Result 1: His amazed father wants to know more of the powerful Son

After hearing that the sp!r!t that had plagued his son for so long was cast out, he had to thank and praise the powerful man to do such an amazing thing.  But when Chal talked to him on the phone, he explained to the father that he was a normal man just like he was, but it was the Son who heals and delivers people.  The man was surprised and said he wants to know more about the Son, and invited Chal and his wife to their house to talk more.

Please lift up this father’s family that he will come to trust in the Son through his own son’s deliverance from the evil sp!r!t!

Result 2: Devout H!ndu follower rips his holy garb and trusts the Son!

Since a young age, a man had been a devout follower of a H!ndu sect which forbids their followers of normal things, making them wear only specific black clothes, fasting 40 days with gurus in !ndia, and forbids them to even attend their own mother’s funeral.  But this man was there to see how the man with the evil sp!r!t was set free in the Son’s Name, when all H!ndu priests could not do anything to help.  Upon seeing this, he tore his holy black garb, insisted to know how he also can follow the Son, and trusted in Him as Sav!or!

  Upon seeing her son’s repentance, the devout H!ndu follower’s mother also came forward to trust the Son!

Please continue to lift up that this spark of revival continues for the ch and Kingdom in this very isolated village!  It has never had a ch in that area before!”

Extraordinary reports from Elijah Challenge harvest workers in India