By Butch Nacua, Pastor in the Philippines

On May 29, 2012 I flew to UK upon the invitation of Multiply, an arm of Modern Jesus Army in the UK and also God Most High Ministries under Pastor Edmund, a Filipino ministering in UK. I was invited to speak in their churches and train the leaders on the healing approach as advocated by The Elijah Challenge.

The 3-day Jesus Festival (June 2-4, Saturday to Monday ) at Cornhill, Northampton had ended. I like to share some healing testimonies that happened there.  

For two nights we were privileged to minister healing to thousands of people who attended the Jesus Festival. the first two healing miracles were upon two elderly ladies with walking sticks. One was suffering from arthritis. Both her knees were swollen. The other old lady had pain all over her body. After the healing command that was made in Jesus’ name, both ladies walked around without their walking sticks and declared that they had no more pain. 

Two teenagers were suffering from back pain. When the command to heal in the name of Jesus was given, we could hear the bones literally cracked in one of the teenagers. It was so loud that we could not help it not but laughed. It was an amazing miracle. Both were healed in the name of Jesus.

This afternoon I was able to talk with a young man from the Jesus Army who knew about Elijah Challenge through Brother B. when he visited UK last year. The young man wanted some teaching materials so that he could refresh his memory on what he had heard before. And it happened that I had one of those teaching materials that you had sent me and so I gave it to him. I even went through the materials with him and his friends. 

On 10 June, the young man whose name is Stevo approached me again after the Sunday Service at Jesus Center and asked me to heal his 8-month old baby, Evan, who had an allergy. The baby’s face was swollen. After the command to heal in Jesus’ name, they left. The next day, I met Stevo and asked him about the baby’s condition. Stevo said that Evan was completely healed and the symptom of the allergy was gone. Praise the Lord.

From Northampton, I traveled to London and stayed at the home of Pastor Edmund. During the Sunday Service on 17 June, I introduced The Elijah Challenge lessons and those who came up for healing were healed in the name of Jesus. The Elijah Challenge training went well last Sunday afternoon at Pastor Ed’s church which is known as the Church of God Most High. The Sunday morning service was awesome when one person who had pain in his shoulder for more than 3 years was healed. Another with neck pain and others with limb, lower back pain and upper back pain were all healed in the name of Jesus. 

One lady who had a large growth in her abdomen was disappointed when after the command, she experienced no healing. I encouraged her not to give up and that she’s able to command healing by herself for this growth to go and be healed in the Name of Jesus. Since I was leaving on Monday’s evening for the Philippines, I figured I may not be able to minister healing for her. 

The Sunday afternoon, after the service, one of the young people exclaimed ” Wow, I can’t believe that I can heal in Jesus’ name” because an infirm person was healed after he commanded the pain in the leg to go. 

On Monday morning, prior to my flight, the lady who had the growth in her abdomen visited me at Pastor Ed’s home. She had a big smile on her face. She was dancing and praising God. Her growth had disappeared after she commanded it to go. She was so happy that the miracle happened and that she did not give up taking authority over it. Hallelujah! Praise the Name of Jesus!


Butch Nacua teaching The Elijah Challenge in the UK