By Tom Linebaugh

Tom Linebaugh of the Tower Light Guys

I was attending the Feast of Unleavened Bread with some fellow believers and had just prayed for a brother John for healing of hip, legs, back etc… for the 4TH time and saw nothing.

At this time I became depressed and was wondering if anything I saw Yahweh God Almighty do was real or just in my mind. (I believe I was opening myself for attack by this unbelief). 

John the man I had prayed for asked me to pray for another man by the name of Richard. Richard needed an operation on his back, both rotator cuffs were severely damaged, he also had a hernia that kept him from having proper bowl movements, etc… 

When I approached Richard I was depressed lacking faith to heal, but because John had grabbed me and put me on the spot I went up to Richard and the faith to heal entered me! As John started to leave with Ben I yelled you 2 get back here and command healing with me in the name of the Messiah Yahshua (which name means Yahweh is salvation). 

As I commanded healing into his back. Richard felt warmth and tingling in his back as well as pain relief. My faith increased all the more and I went on to his rotator cuff and as I commanded healing I felt and heard it pop into place and rearrange under my hand. Then I went on to his hernia and commanded it to be healed and go into it’s proper place. Richard felt things going on there as well. Then I commanded that he be made completely whole and be anointed with healing power to stay upon him for the next few days for complete healing.

Later I found Richard and asked how he was doing, wondering if he needed more ministering. Richard said he felt the holy spirit upon him still ministering healing to him as he lifted his arm straight up and saying that he had not been able to do this since 1965 (crippled for 47 years) and now set free. Richard also said he was able to use the restroom properly now, a sign that the hernia was healed.

I believe He was made whole in the name of Yahshua the Messiah! Hallelujah!

There were about 4 healings during that Feast of Unleavened Bread, in total that I experienced by commanding healing, although Richards was the most dramatic.