By Subodh Jena Kumar
February 2009

Yesterday God did a wonderful miracle in our town of Bhawanipatna, Orissa.

A Roman Catholic believer, Mrs. Ahsrita Soreng, was suffering from severe pain in her hands for few months. When pain comes she cannot do any work with her hands–just as if they are paralyzed. She works as a staff nurse in a government hospital in Bhawanipatna. 

They consulted with almost all the doctors in Bhawnipatna, but nothing was working out .They were planning to go to the Vishakapatnam Hospital in Andhra Pradesh, but we assured her that we would be there on a Tuesday evening to pray over her and that surely God would heal her. 

My wife Rosy, Jagat (our evangelist), another Bible college student, and I all went there. We worshiped the Lord and experienced the mighty power of the Lord.

I shared from the word of God and after that we prayed over her. The power of the Lord was manifest greatly and touched her. For the first time in her life she experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. All the pain in her hands vanished and she was completely healed. Praise the Lord for the miracle that He did for her.