Brother Tee Joo Tatt trained in Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur in 2009
April 2013

Reports from Nepal Coordinator Tee Joo Tatt

Here is a testimony of Brother Tee who attended one of the Elijah Challenge Training events conducted in Subang Jaya in Kuala Lumpur years ago. He has ministered The Elijah Challenge in Nepal with wonderful signs and wonders. Now, he is doing that in Malaysia as well. There are quite a number of Elijah Challengers sharing the Gospel by healing the infirm on their own initiatives. 

Brother Tee wrote:

“I have been working at Petaling Jaya these few weeks and staying at First Subang – met a security guard, Raju Limbu who had his hands all yellow with medicine and having quite big holes in the fingers where puss came out. He has been suffering this condition for months. Found out he is a Christian. I just used Elijah Challenge to pray for him – commanding healing in Jesus’ Name.

I met him the next week and it is completely healed. This opened a way for me to visit the room and prayed for a friend who had ankle with swelling near the socks area and also one testicle badly swollen. I again used the Elijah Challenge way and rebuke the swelling. This time I got him to lay his own hand on the private part when rebuking the swelling there. This happened last week.

Last night he told me this “अहिले महसूस छैन। “ I thought the word mahsus (महसूस) means feeling. So what he says is that there is no feeling. I guess it means no feeling of the swelling. The swelling in the feet and testicle has been healed! Praise God! I told him this is Jesus’ healing. So thru Raju Limbu, I was able to share the gospel to his 3 roommates who shared other prayer needs, e.g. a wife who just fainted a few days ago.

I really praise God that God is alive and is healing so many people. Praise God!”