Mel Melato leads Glory Tabernacle in New York, and is associated with David Wilkerson and Times Square Church in New York City. He attended The Elijah Challenge Basic Training in April 2009.


Many poor people healed & saved on the streets of New York City every Sunday


His Reality Ministries
Videos with Mel Melato


New York City Healing & Deliverance Crusade
19 to 21 testimonies of miraculous healings


Mission Philippines, June – July 2010
Multiplied miraculous healings and a great harvest of souls


“So many healings, so many deliverances” – July 13, 2009

“So many healings, so many deliverances since I have learned the ‘Elijah Challenge’ way of bringing healing and deliverance to people who desire it.

May God continually bless you in what God has called you to do. May God extend the territory of your ministry beyond what you can see.”

“The miracle healing power of God descends” – June 9, 2009

“My wife and my daughter are continually blessed from the teaching that you brought forth in our midst and everytime we bring “Christ Healing to all Nations” to churches around New York, the glory of God’s healing and deliverance come upon the people.

We have been to Salvation Army church, to Evangelical Italian Christian Church, once more to Jesus Spanish Church, to Christ All Nations Mission Church and to Open Bible Filipino Church….the effect of your teaching is the same….the miracle healing power of God would just descend upon the people.”

Prayer Request – May 19, 2010

“Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever!

I thank God who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.

We will be going on a mission trip to the Philippines June 6 to July 6, 2010 to conduct healing seminar and crusade like what God has done through us in Haiti last year where 140 people got healed and 4 people got delivered from demonic possession.

I will once again request your prayer as we minister and teach our people about healing and deliverance.

If you remember you have given me the opportunity to learn and teach what I have learned to the people who needs healing and deliverance by following your guidance and instructions God has given you.

When we do street evangelism, right on the streets people are getting healed and delivered, even more when we were invited to churches people are being touched by the power and authority of our Lord Jesus given to us.”

Miracles multiplied on Haiti Mission Trip – May 2009

“Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior and our healer. To God be the Glory and praise now and forevermore. I thank God whenever I remember you, for you made a difference in our church ministry. The application of Christ’s authority for those who are sick and overpowered by the spirit other than God’s are of greater dimention than before.

I applied your teaching for the first time in Haiti following your guidelines with more than a dozen pastors and the result was amazing when I called two pastors to volunteer and to demonstrate what they have learned through the teaching.

A 6-months pregnant woman came forward requesting healing becasue there was no movement in her womb. She thought that there was no life in her womb. The two volunteer pastors commanded the spirit of death to go. Then something in her womb started to move. Hallelujah! Everyone praised God.

There were 3 young people and one older person delivered from evil, dumb, deaf mute spirits. 140 more were healed of various sicknesses, diseases and infirmities.”

Kidney stones disappear – April 2009

“A pastor named Mel Melato with Time Square Church ministered to an elderly 84-year-old woman in a hospital. The woman had kidney stones and low blood pressure, and was scheduled for imminent surgery. He and his daughter first did priestly prayer to the Lord with no change in the woman’s condition. But then they shifted and began to issue “kingly” commands with authority in Jesus’ name, as taught in the Elijah Challenge Basic Training. The stones disappeared and her blood pressure returned to normal!”