A nearly verbatim testimony received in July 2012

“My name is Marcos. I currently live in Mexico. I work on sick and injured people. I have the gift of healings, and like you said, only when the Holy Spirit of Our Father moves, Healing is experienced by the patient.

I was called on by a pastor of The largest congregation of the Christian Church in the town where I live. I was called by the Pastor of the Church to attend to the Pastor’s brother who fell victim to a cerebral hemorrhage. The Pastor’s brother is also of the Faith in Jesus and all of his sons are in the praise and worship band. The Pastor’s brother had just returned from being seen by a neurologist in New Mexico who gave medication and acupressure as the remedy. When I began to attend to the Pastor’s brother, I asked if he had faith that Jesus could heal him. He said that he did. I had to do everything for this man. I got him up from bed, bathed him dressed him, and gave him exercises for his extremities. I also was teaching him to walk again using a walker.

Resisting our efforts was a great challenge called loss of equilibrium and dizziness. I had been consistent daily asking Our Heavenly Father for healing in this man. Yesterday, after I had arrived at a level challenging my Faith, I was answered as I got on the internet I was led to ask if anyone could heal like Our Savior Jesus. I was led to YouTube and you teaching the “Elijah Challenge”. You were teaching on the video marked “The Elijah Challenge 1 – 4 of 4. Where you showed how Jesus taught His disciples how to increase their Faith and how the Master addresses His servant in the book of Luke. The light bulb went on in my head! I suddenly realized that I had authority from Jesus Himself to command complete healing in the Pastor’s brother.

The next morning still fresh in the joy of this revelation, I arrived at the patient’s home. The patient shared to me that he felt tired and not so good due to visitors that stayed late and he didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am. I began to think that it was going to be another long day and that the patient wouldn’t have the necessary strength to even stand without his nerves causing him to collapse into his chair as in all my prior visits with him.

Then the Spirit brought to my remembrance what I had learned from your teaching. So I prayed for guidance in applying what I had learned from the video. I shared to the patient and his wife what I had been led to learn in your video and took the patient in his wheel chair outside where we practice his walker. Again I asked the patient if he had faith that Jesus is the POWER  to heal him. The patient replied “YES”. I then “Commanded” the patient to receive his total healing that Jesus had already paid the price for him on the stake. I “Commanded Healing” to his brain and all his nerves and for his legs to receive strength to walk in the Name Of Jesus Christ!, and I commanded the patient to stand and walk…well YOU BET!!!, GLORY TO THE ALMIGHTY FATHER OF HEAVEN!! The patient looked up and stood up straight grabbed his walker and with a small wobble then began to take short but sure steps. The patient walked 3 different times after that saying that he did not feel fear of falling or dizziness and we gave all the Glory to Our Heavenly Father.

I want to thank you for following your call to teach “The Elijah Challenge”. May Jesus continue to use you for the Glory Of Our Heavenly Father”.

I would like to request the “PowerPoint Presentation” that you are offering, so that I may continue learning with “The Elijah Challenge”. May I also request “your newsletter”.

Thank you so much for Your Love to all in Jesus Christ.”