Peter Pap is a leader with Modern Jesus Army in Northampton, England
July 2012 

Reports from Peter & Modern Jesus Army

Reports from the United Kingdom

The Barefoot Festival healing tent was absolutely amazing! God has done mighty things through us!

It was a completely secular festival with new-age and occult connections. Tarot card readers, healing crystals, future tellers, sound therapists, witchcraft stalls, yoga and meditation workshops, etc. So we were in the right place!

I have tried to write down all the events as we they happened, but we were so busy ministering to people that often we didn’t have time for writing or eating or drinking or anything. Glory to God – it truly felt that He already prepared the ground, softened the hearts, brought the right people and so on. (Some people even commented that they were just drawn to us). 

We saw miracles, healings, deliverance, Holy Spirit baptisms and several people were finding Jesus as their Saviour. (We nearly ended up baptising the few very clearly converted ones, but didn’t have the time and the water just there and then). 

We only had a small team of us. I must say the combination of the team was absolutely God-arranged. Mark did most of the deliverance, Connie was very confidently bringing very accurate words of knowledge, which touched so many hearts. So I had only little more to do. My daughter Lili was a brilliant help, she took photos, helped with the practicalities and so on.

Once the event organizer needed to ask us to hold back a bit because some other therapists were disturbed by the screaming (when a demon was cast out from someone). Haha! So from that point when we had to do deliverance we started with commanding the demon to “leave quietly”.

All but 1 person was healed. Praise GOD!

Here is my “statistics” and the factual report of events below:

I have recorded 44 people we ministered to – recorded events:

25 people received physical healing (several of them had multiple problems healed)
18 received soul/spirit healing
10 prayed with
8 received deliverance
11 received the Holy Spirit (or got clearly touched, or overpowered by Him)
6 received and accepted Jesus 


Susan – anxiety/grief/pressure. Word of knowledge was that she needed to repent. She agreed, we prayed for more of God. She has received the Holy Spirit, though not in fullness.

Sandra – varicose veins in both hands. Instant healing took place and the pain went as well. She saw it as received full healing.

George (young musician) – proxy ministry for friend’s depression, then for his own peace. 

Annemarie – chronic hip pain – instantly healed. Also received deliverance. Fell under the Spirit’s power.
Mel – knee pain, received ministry, knee healed. Then received prayer.

Gilian – young girl. Neck problem – healing has started well, but word of knowledge was curse of unforgiveness. She bursted out in tears, confessed loads of things. She is a backslidden Christian, open to be restored. She has kept coming back during the weekend, even prayed with us and promised to keep in touch.

Tika – Indian lady – many issues… prayed together for his son Mayu who is suffering with cancer.

Graham – Both knees healed, received word of knowledge. 

Christine – hip healed, she is very open to the gospel. Received prayer too.

Jen – anxiety – broken, felt peace and “some strange lightness and joy”.


Kirstine – came with migrane, but got healed from several things, freed from 3 demons, turned to God and found salvation! Came back again next day to learn from us and just to spend some time with us 🙂

2 ladies and a small girl – legs healed. Prayed for blessings and Jesus to become a true friend.

Deborah – emotional healing and dealing with life. Much tears.

Harry – arthritis, hands. Mobility completely restored but bones still distorted.

Yoda – young girl, neck and back healed. Fell under the Spirit, received spiritual healing and cried much.

Emma – healing of shoulders, cried, received prophecies. Then cried more when saw her friends being touched by God.

Kathy – shoulders healed

Shabby – –  came in for invite, received word of knowledge… went away, came back saying “I am ready”. Got delivered from fear and received the Holy Spirit. 

Phil – – shoulder healed

a young woman – hip and back problem due to uneven legs – left leg grew and hip healed.

Analie – Red, swallen leg, 90% healed.

Margaret – Emotional healing – restored, found new life – many tears

a lady – emotional healing, deliverance from bitterness

Julia – came with crutches, could not walk without them. Healed and walking OK (unstable, legs need to get used to walking). Left knee pain gone. She also had a audible and painful click in her right knee – after ministry completely healed.

Michelle – tears. Tight throat healed, curse broken.

Julie – emotional healing, crying – deliverance from destruction and anger.

Fiona –  – She came to us moving like a robot… torzo and upper limbs, arms, hands and neck immobile because 3 years of chronic and constant sharp pain in shoulders, arms and hands. 100% healed. She was overwhelmed and went to tell her husband. Came back next day, showing how well she was – except her right arm and hand. So we trained her how to cast out infirmities. We healed the right side completely, blue discolouration disappeared immediately and swallenness went down. Movement completely restored. Then she received Jesus, complete conversion. Gave her a Gideon’s New testament.

Jo – back ache healed, also ministered to insomnia

Sam – she came for healing of memories. Word of knowledge about alcohol addiction and childhood abuse, self worth problem and she started crying like a baby. Received deliverance and healing of these things.

Vanessa – 3 years chronic pain in shoulder and neck – walking completely like a stick. Totally healed.

Tracy – – leg straightened and grown, back pain gone, anxiety lifted, chest pain (was remaining from infection) gone, breathing restored.

Jo – into reiki – received some of God but after word of knowledge we had to stop ministering and give her a challenge to chose either reiki or the Holy Spirit. She never came back to let us know her decision.

Sherly – – neck and knees healed 

Anna – left leg grew to normal. Her back was healed too.   


Gilian came back – prayed with us and for us! 🙂 Exchanged details

Fiona came back – she told us her final decision was to give her heart to Jesus. 🙂 (She also cried, which apparently she usually doesn’t do…)

Tanya (and her daughter) – came for prayer for peace. Word of knowledge was self harm and self-hate. She started to cry, then told us her story which confirmed the word of knowledge. Ministered to her and she had a clear God-experience.

Sarah – head and legs – God pointed out the reason as mild depression – received physical healing and the Holy Spirit.

Michelle – – came for emotional healing, but first received deliverance from the spirit of anger. Got filled with the Holy Spirit (collapsed under His power) and cried and laughed… 🙂

Kim – asthmatic symptoms, shallow and short breath, running out of breath. Healing (complete, deep breathing through the nose, lungs nicely filled with air).

Kirstine – came back for “top up”. (Fell under the Spirit).

Gemma (with little girl Sophia) – effects of post-birth depression. Word about wounded spirit, and relationship problems. She was fighting her tears and told us everything. We ministered healing of mind and healing of wounded heart. (Asked to keep in touch).