May 16, 2017

Subject: Enquiry about healing for heart problem
Message Body: “Blessings of the Lord upon the ministry. Stumbled upon this site while searching the internet for cases of people that got miraculously healed from heart problems. I believe so strongly in the healing powers of the Almighty. So I decided to contact you after reading the various testimonies, I believe God will do mine too. Please what are the procedure for contacting the ministry for a healing?”  

We replied: “Dear Abiodun, thank you for contacting us regarding your heart condition. We would like to connect you with our trained co-worker, Steve Hernandez, who will be glad to minister healing to you at a distance. Please contact him at his email listed in the Cc above and make arrangements for him to minister to you.”  

On May 17, 2017, Steve Hernandez wrote: “Abiodun, you can call me anytime you are ready for me to pray over you. I live in Texas, USA, it’s now 12;40 PM in the afternoon.”  

From: Abiodun Fatunbi  
Date: May 18, 2017 at 12:12:04 PM CDT
To: Steve Hernandez
Subject: Re: Enquiries about healing for heart problem
“You people are indeed very wonderful, unbelievable, didn’t know we still have Christians like this who care and love the way our Lord Jesus did. I believe the Almighty that this phase will definitely pass away. By his grace I will forever be a part of the ministry and support in my own little way.”  

On May 20, Steve reported: “We made connection, prayed over husband & wife and ministered. While I prayed with his wife, Abiodun took off running and ran four times on his street, and his wife also received Peace, Comfort & Love!”

On May 23, Abiodun testified: “Good morning Sir. I give God all the glory, am healed, have regained my strength, the pressure to my chest has reduced significantly, unlike what it was some few days back. No more experiencing weakness…Thanks for your prayers and support, will call you later. Remain blessed!”