Timothy Lam trained under Asia Coordinator Albert Kang


“I had just completed teaching The Elijah Challenge and preaching at Immanuel Assemblies of God Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

A brief highlight of God’s healing grace at Immanuel: On Friday, March 2nd, a man in his mid-50s with a severe heart condition attended the training. He was weakly walking up the short flight of stairs to reach the church hall. He had to pause to catch his breath at each step up the stairs. I was walking just behind him and witnessed how difficult it was for him to make his way up, using the railing and his walking stick also.  

After the session, he came forwarded to be healed in Jesus’ name! He suffered from respiratory problems, severe gout and had several blockages in his arteries.  Doctors did not advise any surgery as his breathing was abnormal and his heartbeat was not synchronizing well. He clearly could not walk without losing breath or rest his body well.

The pastor and another church leader came forward to lay hands on him and exercise their authority to heal the sick in the Lord’s Name.  After three rounds of ministering to him, the man could breathe 90% better than before. He felt a great surge of power and restoration to his body and declared the Lord as the strength of his heart and believed his doctors will show him a clean bill of health at the next visit.  His limb movements had improved so much that after the service, he could walk to an Indian restaurant 10 shop units away to have supper with friends.

The following night, he made his way up to the church hall with ease and he did not need to stop at each step to catch his breath. He testified he could sleep well and on Sunday he could even walk around the church without the walking stick almost instinctively.

This same man walked faster than me the next day and that was great..he didn’t even have to use his walking stick while in church on Sunday…he moved about easily and ended up ministering healing too.”