January 25, 2017

 “Hi my name is Monica and I wanted to ask for prayers for my infant son Damien. He was born with heart problems and had open heart surgery but is having complications. The doctors told us yesterday that is heart has thick muscles and are restricting blood to his body and heart. Please pray for my son.”

January 26

Our Elijah Challenge co-worker Steve Hernandez in Texas began to pray and minister to Damien with the Lord’s power and authority at a distance, staying in contact with Monica by phone. Our co-workers Shar and Teddy Murphy in Chicago later also joined in to minister healing to Damien. Steve shared with us the following narrative…

Friday, February 3

9:15 am – Monica said, “The doctors are giving my baby a couple of days to live. His aorta valve is defective and there is nothing more they can do for him.” I told her that it’s in God hands, so let’s keep believing, hoping, trusting, and ministering to him in Jesus’ name. I ministered to Monica for a few minutes to nourish her spirit and to give her strength to keep going. Then we prayed and had Monica lay hands on Damien’s chest.

8:00 pm – Monica said, “Damien is still fighting for his life. The doctors did not think he would make it through the day or to this late at night. My baby is still fighting.”

Saturday, February 4

10:40 am – Damien is still hanging in there, they can’t believe he is still fighting. We talked, and then ministered to Damien. Monica is holding up very well in the Lord; her faith is strong. All Glory to God!

9:00 pm – Monica says “So far so good.” I’m praying over him and declaring him healed. At this point Monica’s faith is growing and she is learning well. I told her Damien knows her touch and voice so I told her to keep whispering in his ear loving words and laying hands on him for security.  All glory to God!

Sunday 8:19 pm, February 5

Monica says, “Damien is still going strong, stable, and good.” The tone in her voice tells me she is very confident, and believes that Damien will be healed. She also said, “I keep praising God, and He gave me these words: “No fear!” It’s awesome that she is being led by the Holy Spirit. All Glory to God!

She will text me this morning and then we will pray again. Monica has been born again for sure and growing in faith and learning to minister to Damien with power and authority. She is believing and trusting in our Lord. It is such a blessing to be a part of Monica and Damien’s lives. I will continue to pray and minister until Damien is sent back home, whatever it takes…I’ll be here for them. All glory to God in Jesus name, Amen!

Monday, February 6

I talked to Monica earlier and she said that the doctors are amazed at his consistent progress. We prayed again and I ministered to her and Damien. She believes and trusts the Lord for Damien’s healing.

Tuesday noon, February 7

Monica texted, “I’m with Damien. He had a great night and is still going strong. He will be released this evening to go home and will be under hospice care. She also said that he is having lots of pain caused by the valve in his aorta. I asked her how is his overall appearance now compared to last Friday on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being pain-free. She said that he is at an 8. Glory to God! So let’s keep praying and “saying the word” as Jesus did in Luke 7:7. Baby Damien is a true fighter, and will soon recover.

Wednesday, February 8

I just talked to Monica and prayed over Damien. She said he is smiling and moving around like a healthy baby. They have decided to send him home this Friday. She said that there are so many people touched by his recovery. Glory to God in Jesus’ name! 

Her whole family has changed in a wonderful way. Doctors and nurses are saying, “how can this be?” She tells them it’s God’s miraculous healing! 

She said that tomorrow will be the seventh day since the doctors told her that there was nothing they could do for him. We both started crying and praising and glorifying God in Jesus’ name. The doctors and nurses are amazed at how he is still going and they do not understand how he could be doing so well.


February 16

The nurse who came this week could not believe his recovery. Damien’s mom Monica is waiting for an appointment to be scheduled with the cardiologist to perform tests and check his status. She will let us know when it’s scheduled and we can continue to pray for complete healing.

February 28 following tests by cardiologist

“Damien had been with major health issues since his birth on October 17, 2016, almost 18 weeks as of today. His family has been waiting for this day of heavenly news following tests just done on him by his cardiologist.

1) The heart ejection fraction (the “squeeze”) has always been very low. NOW it’s at a normal stage!

2) Damien used to have attacks due to his heart rate dropping to low. NOW it’s been a few weeks since that has happened!

3) The cardiologist expected to find the inner walls of Damien’s heart damaged. NOW the inner walls show no damage!

4) The oxygen level in his blood was 80% to 85%—too low. NOW the oxygen level is 100%!

5) His blood pressure numbers were upside-down with the top number low and the bottom number high. NOW his blood pressure is normal and very good.

6) But there still remains some fluid in his lungs, and because of that they will check Damien in another two weeks. NOW we know what to do—continue to pray over him with authority in Jesus’ name. Amen!”