Living Word Baptist Church (Igreja Batista Palavra Viva)
July 2012

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in Brazil


About a thousand people filled the sanctuary that evening. We taught Session I of The Elijah Challenge Training. Although Living Word is a Spirit-filled church and is quite familiar with miraculous healing, they nevertheless listened attentively to the teaching from the Scriptures. Near the end of the evening we had people with heart conditions come forward to receive their healing as a demonstration of the teaching. The Lord was faithful and gracious to release His healing power through the believers.

The first person was a woman in her late twenties or early thirties who had arrhythmia and could not run without exhausting herself and running out of breath. After two sisters ministered to her, she was able to run around the spacious sanctuary without feeling any symptoms at all afterwards. She felt well after her run.

After that several other people came up to receive their healing from the Lord. Among those who had symptoms or could actually test their condition by performing some task that they should not have been able to do, everyone to our recollection testified that they felt fine and normal.

By then it was after 10 PM, and we had ministered only to people with heart conditions. There were many other people who wanted to be healed as well. So we decided to minister healing-at-distance to the entire crowd as Jesus did for the centurion’s servant using authority in Luke 7. (Just as authority is not affected by distance, it should not be affected by number.)

About twenty people were healed by the Lord in this way and came up to the stage to testify. The very first of them to testify was Apostle Lamartine himself. He had recently injured his knee, and it was painful during the service. During the healing-at-a-distance the Lord graciously healed him, and he shared with great delight before his congregation.

Brother Lamartine invited us to conduct the entire Elijah Challenge Training for his congregation on our following trip to Brazil later that year.





Pastors Lylian & Lamartine Posella (center)