By Peter Pap of the Modern Jesus Army
October 2012 

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We have a close friend, a young lady who had a large cyst (tumor) diagnosed in her ovary. She was quite frightened in the prospect of future complications. Also the cyst was growing and so it did not look very good. The doctors wanted to see how much it grew in a month to determine the next step of action, so they gave her an appointment for the next scan in 30 days.

The night before this appointment two of us ministered healing to her and told the cyst to die off and dissolve completely.

The next day the nurses and doctor told her in great surprise that there is nothing seen on the scan, the cyst seemed to be disappeared completely. There was nothing to treat, nothing to worry about. She told them that she received “healing prayer in the name of Jesus”, the medical people looked with understandably puzzled doubt on their faces… but the results were obvious and beyond doubt. Glory to God!