Kurt and Mary Simms own Simms Electrical Services and attended The Elijah Challenge Training in 2008
Now they lead The Great I AM Global Ministries

“We trained a large group of pastors and disciples [in Africa] on Thursday and I have preached in the open air the last two nights. People have come from as far as 600 kilometers or so. There have been so many people healed and delivered from demons. The lame are walking, the blind seeing, and the deaf hearing!  It is so crazy we are exhausted everyday. Everyone is being healed and many being born again”…

Kurt issues challenge like Elijah on Mt. Carmel at Texas women’s prison: many healed & saved

Blind woman in Texas prison sees; many repent – September 2014

The sick healed, demons cast out, and sinners come to Christ in Burkina Faso, West Africa

Highlights of Mission Trip to Burkina Faso with Kurt & Mary Simms – May 2014

Are the miraculous healings in a Texas Baptist Church “from heaven or of human origin”? – February 2014

Master Electrician Kurt Simms preaches the gospel, heals the sick, and teaches the Lord’s disciples in Kenya, East Africa

Video Presentation from Kenya mission trip Injured boy with twisted legs healed and walks normally – November 2013

Hollywood actor healed at a distance over the telephone – August 2013 Testimony

Women inmates healed & brought to repentance at Texas prisonAugust 2013 Report

Kurt’s 18-year-old daughter ministers supernatural healing at Baptist retreat June 2013

Inmates at Texas Prison Unit wailing & praising God through the night following repentance & miraculous healingsApril 2013

The infirm are healed at the Union Baptist Association Equipping Institute in HoustonKurt introduces The Elijah Challenge – March 2013

New Testament miracles in Africa as in the time of Jesus – Kurt & Mary in Burkina Faso – September 2012

Master electrician Kurt heals apprentice in Jesus’ nameJanuary 2013

Thyroid cancer in Louisiana healed from Texas  –  Pre-surgery test showed cancer had disappeared after Kurt & daughter minister

Deaf woman healed as an “Elijah Challenge” to prove the truth of the gospel – Kurt & Rob Short in Crosby, Texas

Electrician Kurt’s service call brings comfort and miraculous healing – Elderly woman customer and nurse touched by the Lord

Miraculous healings confirm the gospel of repentance at Plane State Jail – Blind eye sees and many other testimonies

Baptist believers issue an Elijah Challenge – No longer comfortable with the status quo church

Testimonies following Basic Training II in March 2011 – Kurt’s testimony among others

Miraculous healings confirm the gospel – Kegans State Prison

God’s miraculous works at Plane State Prison – Authority over infirmities & the sinful nature

God visits Plane State Prison with miracles & repentance – July 18, 2010

Baptist Pastor healed at church – July 2010

Miraculous healings at Women’s Prison – June 2010

Woman healed from vertigo & bad discs – April 2010

Eczema tremendously improved; ministering to woman with tumor & cancer – March 2009

Elderly woman set free from debility & cane at Christmas musical and other testimonies – January 2009

Pain from knee surgery disappears; skin restored before their eyes and more – October 2008

Herniated discs and disabled knee healed – August 2008

Eyesight restored and more – March 2008