Its been a long time that i shared my...
Butch Nacua, Pastor 2:43pm Mar 16

Its been a long time that i shared my testimony about the Lord’s healing power and authority we have received as christian (disciples) followers of Jesus Christ.

Last two week i have invited to (pray)minister healing to the father of my friend from Iligan Mindanao who have been advice the Doctor in their area to fly to Cebu and have a thourough examination here, He was diagnose having kidney and prostate problem, since he has having a hard time urinating (dropping only) going to toilet from time to time, But before going to the doctor he summoned his younger son Bro Eric (which is also one of my son in faith) to see me and wanted that i will minister healing to him, This is because his oldest son was been healed instantly in chronic pain in his vertebrae which suffering from a slip disk in his spine and the doctor wanted to have operation but prior to his operation his younger brother Eric called me and we minister to him and healed him in the name of Jesus and after that we lead him to the Lord and beacuse of that encounter he was the one who encourage his father to be minister by us, and Praise God! all glory belongs to the Lord! that after we commanded the kidney and the prostate glands to be normal in Jesus Name , the father said that he feels like there is some kind of heat running from all over his body specially in his private part and after that he was warmed and go to the toilet to refresh himself and we lead him to the Lord with his wife and they received the Lord and by morning i texted bro Eric of the condition of his father , and his father said that it was a vary comforting night , he have no urge to go to toilet and he sleep well then they went to the doctor for examination…. until this day while typing this report ( because so busy for couple of weeks of my visa documents) i texted Bro Eric to know how’s his father now, Praise GOD!!!! His father was in Iligan, Mindanao already went home last week after the healing command in Jesus name he was healed by that time ….. and now the parents of bro Eric was been saved the greatest miracle of all because of that Challenge now they are fellowshipping in bible believing church in Iligan, Mindano…. PRAISE THE LORD.