Reports: The Elijah Challenge in Brazil

Pastor Jose-Roberto is a pastor at the Valley of Blessing in Aracariguama, Brazil, who trained with The Elijah Challenge during our visits to the Valley. Since then the Lord has used him powerfully in miraculous healings and in healing services. Once he ministered to a girl whose eyeballs were totally white and was of course totally blind. After he ministered to her eleven times, she began to rub her eyes. The “skin” covering her eyes came off, and her vision was restored. Click on July 2011: New Testament Miracle in Brazil for the testimony.

On Sunday, July 22, he was a guest preacher in the very same Sao Paulo church where this powerful miracle took place. The Lord had brought a notorious drug trafficker to the meeting. He asked Jose-Roberto for prayer, and during the prayer the murderous drug trafficker fell to the floor by the power of the Holy Spirit. While under the Spirit’s conviction he began to weep uncontrollably, unable to stop.

The gentleman requested that Jose-Roberto visit him at his home later in the day. When he arrived he found that the man had gathered his entire extended family. Jose-Roberto shared the gospel with them. There was a woman present, a relative of the man, who had a terribly swollen belly. She requested that Jose-Roberto minister to her, saying that she had “bacteria” in her stomach. He said simply, “creature, go!” (In Portuguese, that would be “bisho, saia!”)

Later that day, the woman’s husband called him on the telephone to share with him what happened then. His wife had gone to the toilet. A pile of very disgusting-looking parasitic worms had come out from her alive, and she was healed.

The drug trafficker’s entire family came to the Lord Jesus Christ.