Report by Master Electrician Kurt Simms, Founder of The Great I Am Global Ministries
Kurt trained with The Elijah Challenge


Pastor Shei Joseph is the son of the local chief in the area, and so has influence with the Konkomba people. Before our arrival in Ghana he visited the people in the area of Gnono to prepare the people for our coming. After we arrived we met with the elders and greeted them and others.

Pastor Shei’s team had already set up the crusade. As they beat drums and played music the people came to dance and take part in the celebration. Pastor Steve greeted the crowd and prepared them telling them that God had a message for them and that he would speak through us his servants.





After some introductions I preached a message from the Gospel of Mark 2 about the men who carried their friend to the house where Jesus was and lowered their friend through the roof in front of Jesus. I expounded upon the story of Jesus’s knowledge about this man’s sins and how Jesus illustrated that the one who heals the sick has authority to forgive sins. 


Kurt Simms

I said to them, “I know you have been afflicted with many sicknesses and demons which are a result of sin.” I told them that I would call upon my Lord Jesus to heal their sicknesses. As in the incident in Mark 2, the miraculous healings would be the proof to them that only Jesus can forgive their sins.

I called forward those who wanted to be healed and many came forward. I prayed to the Lord giving Him thanks and asked Him to glorify His name to draw people to Himself. Then I commanded all sicknesses and demons to flee in the name of Jesus Christ.

At that, demons manifested and were then cast out in Jesus’ name. After that we received testimonies from those who had been miraculously healed. To name a few, eyesight was restored, pain throughout their bodies disappeared, the mute were able to speak, back pain vanished, burning sensation in feet gone. There were too many to keep track of, and all of them were healed.



After that I declared to them that God commands them to turn from all the false gods and demons which they had been worshipping. I told them about the cross of Christ and what happened there. I told them that Jesus rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.

“Jesus has proven to you today that He is the only God and wants you to follow Him today! We are His disciples and we are calling you on behalf of God to believe on Jesus so that your sins can be forgiven and you can have eternal life.”

Many came forward and Pastor Shei Joseph prayed for them along with his team.

​The next day we returned early in the morning to teach the new disciples about water baptism, being indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit with authority over the flesh and to be bold witnesses. 

​There was a river called the Oti River where the people go to bathe, wash their clothes, and fetch large bowels of ​water to drink and for other purposes.​ Afterwards we went down to this river to baptize the new believers!