From:  Mrs. Birdie Carter, 80 years old
To:      Dr. Princella Johnson

My dearest niece,

I want to take the time to testify how the Lord truly blessed and healed my heart through your ministry over the telephone, and the other pastors and ministers of healing. I couldn’t wait any longer to let you and the others know that through the powerful ministry Jesus healed my heart as per your request to him on my behalf!

I just want to tell you the story how it began on the eleventh of February, I had a Nuclear Medicine Stress Test.

The next day, my doctor called me, and said that the test showed that my 30/40 blockage of 2007 had worsened, and that it showed that my heart was not getting enough blood on one side. He scheduled an appointment for the 26th of February for a catheterization of my heart so he could decide what he would need to do for my heart. That’s when I called my niece, Dr. Princella Johnson of Virginia, and told her what the doctor said.

I asked her to pray that when I had this test, that my heart wouldn’t need any surgery. She said, “Auntee, I’m going to be in a conference this week, and this conference is for healing.” So, she said she was going to call me via speakerphone, and she and other believers were going to minister healing to me. She called Saturday, February 23; and they ministered. While many ministered to me I could hear her voice also, she was holding the phone over speakerphone so I could hear them ministering and I prayed along with them. As they ministered to me, I felt the Holy Spirit going through my body like electricity, and it felt as if my hair was standing on ends!

And I know the Lord healed my heart!

So on the 26th of February, I reported to the hospital as ordered, along with my two daughters, Marie Carter of Birmingham, Alabama and Mrs. Brenda J. Law from Columbus, Georgia. They had both come to be with me during the catheterization of my heart. When they were putting me to sleep, I advised the nurses, and also my heart doctor, Dr. Steven George, who is a top cardiologist, that I’m not claiming anything, and they smiled and said, “OK, that’s good.”

After the test, the doctors told my daughter that my heart is operating fine, and that I do not need any surgery on my heart.

I give Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost the praise and the honor! He healed my heart through the ministry and faith of the righteous saints and believers! Many people were praying for me to include my brother and sister in-law, Mr. Allen and Mrs. Beatrice Foster of Tacoma, Washington and their church family. I was also praying myself, along with many others. The Lord has also divinely healed me from cancer of my throat in 1963, and breast cancer through prayer and faith!

I love you, 

Your Auntee,
Birdie Carter!!!
Montgomery, Alabama