Jay Bartlett is a servant of God based in Dallas, Texas who attended the Training in June 2008 

Thousands in New York’s Times Square hear the gospel in the open air

“I have followed your ministry [The Elijah Challenge] many years now and appreciate your faithfulness to teach what evangelism truly involves –high risk events that will literally change one’s life and others.  In the past 14 months (as of March 2012) I have traveled to all 6 continents of the globe for ministry and because of your teachings have been encouraged to train thousands and reach thousands for the gospel, to heal the sick, and drive out demons!  May God continue to give you many more years of fruitful ministry!”


These contain reports from the many nations we have traveled to preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons and training of others to do the same. An Australian church recently hosted us and had these reports: