Hosted by Assembly of God Evangelist Nadjombe NADJOMBE of Togo

The country of Togo (encircled) is located in West Africa with Benin just to the west

Fruitful Servant of God Nadjombe departs for eternity after planting 435 churches


December 2013 Update from Evangelist Nadjombe—12 years after 2002 TEC Training

“In Togo and [neighboring] Benin we have opened 431 churches in these two countries. God bless his missions.”

August 2008 Update from Evangelist Nadjombe — over six years after The Elijah Challenge Training in January 2002

“Brother Bill, may the Lord be with you always. In Togo, West Africa, we have reached 263 villages with the gospel by His grace. God bless.”

-Evangelist Nadjombe NADJOMBE

Nadjombe’s original report on the January 2002 Elijah Challenge Training with Brother Bill in Togo

“From Sunday 20th to Sunday 27th January 2002, the AELVNA Association whose President is NADJOMBE Nadjombe of Togo held great evangelism crusades in three great regions of Togo with the participation of three friends from USA : Dr. Paul Rains, Jim L., and Brother Bill.

The main preacher was Brother Bill.

Crusade Venues and dates

1) TCHAMBA : Central Region : From 20th to 22nd January 2002
2) PAGALA : Central Region : From 24th to 25 January 2002
3) KOUGNOHOU : Mountains Region : From 26th to 27th January 2002


THE TCHAMBA CRUSADE : 20 to 22 January 2002

At this point, the projected teaching sessions did not take place in mornings because the evangelists did not lodge at the town of Tchamba. There were no comfortable lodging for them and they were obliged to go back to Sokode (34 miles) every night after the crusade.

As this area has the highest percentage of pagans, they did not come out for the crusade the first day. This first day, only sick Christians received their healing. The two following days, pagans came out and experienced their healing: an old blind pagan received his healing and could see.

The teaching on the Healing Ministry of Reverend Bill bore strongly its fruits because many miracles that pass all understanding occurred. Even, the Pastor who is Responsible for the Zone of Tchamba-Pagala seemed to doubt but he came convinced when he experienced himself the healing power of Jesus : he was delivered from a chronic stomachache. He was then full of joy and testified to glorify the Lord.


PAGALA CRUSADE : 24th to 25th JANUARY 2002

At this point, an interesting collaboration among the different Denominations of the area was demonstrated. Many miracles happened. The elder PASGO, the former President of the Assemblies of God Churches of Togo who is now 88 years of age received an amelioration of his audition and vision after the teaching and the experience of Healing. His wife testified and proved publicly the veracity of the miracle.



After PAGALA, KOUGNOHOU was the last area that profit from this gift of the Lord. The evangelists moved from PAGALA at 23 o’clock and traveled all the night singing and giving glory to the Lord. They arrived at KOUGNOHOU at 5 o’clock A.M. Here, the teaching sessions took place in the afternoon. Christians of the area constructed a very great and beautiful podium. There were also many people and many pastors at the crusade. All the pastors of this region were holding their annual pastors Assembly and many of them were glad to participate to the crusade. After the crusade, Pastor AKUI of the Assemblies Church of KOUGNOHOU testified that those who said they were healed during the healing prayers of the crusade are really healed. Brother Nadjombe also testified that a woman from BROUNFOU, a village of the area, was completely healed from her backache and can now walk without her walking-stick. Even, the chief of the same village testified that a blind person was healed but he is ashamed to come to the church.

All the people of AKEBOU are claiming another session of evangelism in their villages. They consider that this first session is simply the beginning of such activities in this part of Togo.

As for us, members of AELVNA, it is with joy and satisfaction that we are praising the Lord for what He allowed to be accomplished during your recent mission. We are praying that He may allow another great seminar together with you in Togo. May He who is the Almighty, the same, yesterday, today and forever, be with you and give you more anointing for His mission and bless you with all blessings in heaven. AMEN AND AMEN.”

Reported in Lomé, 6th March 2002
The Reporter
The Secretary of the Association,
Mawulom AZIATO

The President of the Association,

November 2009 Elijah Challenge Event in Lome, Togo