“My wife Ashley and I got back from Cuba about two weeks ago (July 2017). We led over 500 people to the Lord. We trained about 30 pastors that are presidents of at least 15 different denominations. These leaders are in charge of about 200 churches, so they will be teaching the individual pastors and churches on their own. We couldn’t do large meetings because we were on a tourist visa, so we had to do a lot of street evangelism. It was really fruitful though. We are planning large crusades in 2018 with many more denominations. God is really using us and we are humbled by it. We met with some contacts that have relationships with all of the denominations in Cuba. They have tentatively agreed to work together for the crusades in 2018 to see many people healed and saved. They really want to see breakthrough there.

We also have two meetings set up for late August. One or more in California and one in northern Minnesota. We have also been doing a lot of street evangelism at county fairs here in Minnesota. Since the beginning of August, Ashley and I have led over 200 people to the Lord.

Here is a quick testimony from my website onewaymin.com about saving some Scientologists and New Age medium psychics using a challenge similar to Elijah and his challenge.

God has called us into full time ministry, so we took the call and have now been working for God full time for almost a month now, living on faith.”




Lucas in India in June (2017) just before going to Cuba

“I had 8 meetings within the 10 days I was there. I was very pleased with that considering I traveled to three states within India. I was able to successfully train our host pastor on power, authority, faith, gifts of the spirit, evangelism, being led by the Lord, and hearing from God. I taught these things to everyone there, but he got a more in-depth teaching. So basically I taught him almost everything I know about healing and reaching the lost so he can and will do like I am doing over here—which is to heal people and get them saved everyday and train others to do the same.

I also taught about 300 pastors and leaders of other churches across India and a few hundred more ordinary believers.  As of right now one pastor has already said he intends to hold two meetings each month in different villages to train people with my message and teaching. He set it up for this month already.

Many other pastors had said they want to continue to teach their churches and lead evangelistic outreaches through ministering healing and being led by the Lord. I have another team of 6 people that will be going house to house and throughout different villages ministering healing to people with the teaching and getting them saved. They are very poor though, so I am going eventually to sponsor them monthly so they can reach more people and to bless them. I am hearing reports from the pastors that people in their churches are using the teaching to minister healing to other people and lead them to Christ right now. So people are probably getting healed and saved as I am writing this.

I was praying for a building to have as a training center for more in depth teaching of people who have a drive to do the same as me. It turns out one of the pastors I met with was told by God to start renting a building to teach biblical principles about three months ago—which was exactly when I was praying for a building. So this pastor will be training people there for me, while I provide guidance and rent for the building. I am starting to pray for another building and land to build a larger church for another pastor in a different state in India to do the same thing. I feel like God wants two training centers to start with. The one that is established now is in South India and the one I am praying for is in North India. God is moving and is confirming my heart and vision for this ministry all the time!

I am not exactly sure how many people were saved, but I know at least 350 were saved directly in the meetings because they were healed. When I was done with each meeting I had everyone say the Romans 10:9-10 prayer and repentance prayer.

Along with people receiving Jesus at the meetings, almost every taxi driver we came across accepted Christ—as well as on the streets, at the hotel, and in planes. First I ask them if they believe in Him and if they will accept Him. Sometimes they would say “yes” and sometimes they say “no.” If they say “no” I would ask them if they would accept Jesus if they felt the power of God. They would all say “yes” to that question. So then I would lay hands on them and they would feel the power of God. After that they would accept Jesus. 

John 4:48 tells us that many people won’t believe unless they see signs and wonders. So if I teach everyone to do signs and wonders along with evangelism by being led by the Holy Spirit, many will be saved.

John 4:53 tells us that because one boy was healed the entire household believed and was saved. Based on that story and knowing that about 300 people were healed and that the average family size in India is four people. I can estimate that about 1200 people were saved as a result of all the healings. I would say that’s pretty good for the 10 days I was there. People are really excited now and are planning on having events with 2000 to 4000 unbelievers there this November. I am really excited about that!

There are many testimonies, but here are the three most memorable ones. The first is a man who was paralyzed for a year after a car accident; he was already a believer. I ministered to him for over a half hour, but he wasn’t getting healed. He couldn’t feel below his waist or move his legs. I asked the Lord what the problem was and He showed me in the spirit an arrow sticking out of his stomach severing the nerves in his spine. So I pulled it out in faith and commanded him to be healed one more time. I then pinched his foot at which point he jerked his whole leg up because he was now able to feel the pain! He was obviously healed because I had been pinching his leg and foot hard before that, and he wasn’t feel anything.

The next one was a psychopathic 8-year-old kid, an orphan who would hide razor blades to cut the other children. He would try to poison them in addition to other terrible things. I commanded his brain to be healed and all unclean spirits to leave. A demon began to manifest, but it didn’t come out. The boy got really scared. So I stopped and asked the Lord what he needed. The Lord said he needed love and a hug. So the next day I cornered him and gave him a hug and commanded the demons to leave. The boy just melted in my arms and his demeanor changed completely. The orphanage owner said it was a complete miracle that the boy actually returned my hug.

The next was a 4-year-old orphan boy who was blind. His eyes were moving all over the place as if they were floating. I tested his eyes to make sure he couldn’t see. Then I commanded him to be healed about three times. His eyes started to clear up and his eyes could follow my finger. Later I tested his vision again and it was much better. He was able to follow my finger with his eyes. He smiled at me, and then grabbed my finger. It was amazing!

There are so many more testimonies of getting words from the Lord to minister to people—healings, deliverance, and people getting receiving Jesus—but it would take an entire day to write them down. 

On my way home I clearly heard the Lord say He wants my next trip to be to Cuba to teach His people. So I asked Him when and He said before August 4th. So by faith I am planning to go either the week before July 15th or the week after. I am very happy with how the Lord has been using me and I feel really blessed that He is now sending me to Cuba. I never thought in a million years that I would be going there.”

Iraq vet Lucas and his wife Ashley trained with Elijah Challenger Shelly Ragen of Shiloh Harvest and went to India with The Elijah Challenge in 2016. Their website is onewaymin.com.