First, please click on The Elijah Challenge Basic Training to view what the Training involves.

 View the page Elijah Challenge Events around the world to see the results of past Training events held in many different countries around the world.

 Then contact us here.

 We generally do not bring funds to cover the expenses of the Training and the Evangelistic Healing Service.

 We do request that if possible you accommodate us in a western-style hotel which has 24-hour high-speed internet access available in the guest room as well as a gymnasium.

 If possible, please provide us with economy round-trip airfare between Houston and your city. If this is not possible for you, let us know and perhaps something can be arranged.

 Regarding offerings, we do not “charge” for our ministry or set any minimum fee. We would be content with whatever the Lord provides. “Freely we have received, freely we give.”