On Sunday morning, April 24, 2016 four teams of disciples who had just attended The Elijah Challenge Weekend Training in Las Vegas went to the streets of the Las Vegas Strip to carry out the Lord’s command in Luke 10:9 to “heal the sick and tell them, ‘the kingdom of God has come near to you.’ ” Each team carried a large white cardboard sign with the words “Free Miraculous Healing” written in bold letters as in the photo below. Then they went out to the Strip holding up the signs for people there to see. The teams witnessed people on the Las Vegas Strip miraculously healed of infirmities and accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.m

“Free Miraculous Healing” on the Las Vegas Strip

Report from Shelly Ragen of Shiloh Harvest Ministry based in Iowa: “the first man we met was a homeless drummer”

“The first man we met was a homeless drummer. He didn’t quite know what we were about and was puzzled. He saw our sign that read “free miraculous healings,” and it took him a few moments as we motioned to the sign but then he quickly nodded his head yes and pointed to his right shoulder. I noticed that when he was drumming the right shoulder was slower. He put his hand on his shoulder and complained of the pain and stiffness and he said it made it hard for him to drum. He could not lift his arm very high and he did with much difficulty. Drumming for the passersby on the strip is how he made money so it was important to him. We laid hands on his right shoulder where the pain was and commanded that his shoulder be healed in Jesus name, just as the scripture teaches and as we learned in the Elijah Challenge Training…”  MORE


Shelly from Iowa and Susan M. from Utah (see below)

Molecular Biologist in Genomics Susan M. from Utah

“A few of the people who were ‘group ministered’ to by our group of five Elijah Challenge-trained believers:

A man who worked at the door outside of Hard Rock Cafe responded to our sign for ‘free miraculous healing’. This man who was most likely in his early 20’s, told us about how he had lower back and body pain as a result of a car accident. He had a large scar on his arm that he showed us from the accident and said he would be relieved to no longer have this pain…”  MUCH MORE



The disciples who trained with us in Las Vegas came from Korea/India, New York, Texas, Iowa, Utah, Arizona, and Wisconsin


Encouragement from Physician Dr. Claire Z. from Texas: “I would never have believed it”

“Daniel & I feel blessed to have been a part of the Elijah Challenge training in Las Vegas.  It was time well spent, and we came away feeling like we learned so much and will definitely need to keep up this work in whatever way the Lord may lead us.  If someone would have told me  a year or so ago that I would be on the strip of Las Vegas ministering healing in Jesus’ name, I would have never believed it.  That short time on the strip is just the beginning of something so much more.  Enjoyed meeting so many wonderful and like minded people!”


From Sister Jan M. of Wisconsin

“I totally agree the hour on the street was like being caught-up in Elijah’s Whirlwind!!!!

…One young man answered he did not know for sure so I asked if he would like to pray the prayer of salvation.  He said “Yes.”  So I was able to pray with this street dancer/part time stripper to receive Christ (photo below)!  PTL!”  Read the rest of Jan’s report


Jan at right leads exotic dancer to accept Christ

The shirtless young man above had pain in his hands and legs from being an exotic dancer. He was instantly healed as the disciples ministered to him in Jesus’ name. Afterward he was healed he wanted to give his life to Jesus! In the photo the group is leading him to the Lord.


Al R. from Goodyear, Arizona wrote: “the Game-Changer of my life”

“I can say that The Elijah Challenge Training was not only the highlight of our year; but it was … and is …  the Game-Changer of my life….. to be sure. We felt real power and the love of God there. Not only that, but I am humbled by the true holiness in all the folks there. What an example to me.”  MORE from Al: The infirm are healed & accept Jesus on the Strip



Training Event Hosts Teddy & Shar Murphy led the team: “I was most impressed while watching the trainees engaging the people on the street. The benefits were two-fold—I grew by watching and participating.”


Comments from Biologist Susan M. J. of Salt Lake City:

“I am very grateful to you as ministers & for your persistence in teaching how to apply the commands of Jesus to us as Believers. This is definitely life-changing and changes the way I pray. Knowing that I have authority & power given to me by Jesus & that I am to use that for his glory is life-transforming. 🙂 I’ve never heard this message before even though I’ve read the scriptures we went over many times. But I’m happy to know now, and use this great tool for telling others about Jesus. I’m also excited to tell fellow believers that there is a more excellent way!

…With respect to your teaching— that I love very much, I wanted to make sure and tell you what spoke to me and helped me comprehend this ‘new-to-me’ teaching. Your organized format got my attention using only the scriptures. …I want you to know that was the clearest explanation I’ve ever heard for why every believer can heal the sick with the authority & power of Jesus. And some believers can heal additionally when the Spirit moves through the gift of healing. I imagine that would be where the light goes on for charismatic believers who fervently believe in the gift of healing and the moving of the Spirit but have a hard time comprehending the command of Jesus to all believers to heal. Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching & the great humility you both show. I definitely do feel like I received training from ‘superstar preachers’ with you both minus the arrogance & tricks!”



Ministering healing to the infirm with the Lord’s power & authority as evidence that Jesus is the Messiah