“Thank you so much for coming to Northeast Alabama and blessing the Body of Christ here with your insight on the authority of the Believer to fulfill the Great Commission. There are many who were blessed, and who will never be the same because of your Elijah Challenge Training.

I thought I would give you few highlights. You had us minister on the second night of The Elijah Challenge Training to Margaret, a 80-year-old lady who had trouble with her kidneys (kidney failure), her back (scoliosis), her heart, high blood pressure, and had a congestion in her lungs that resulted in a continual cough. After ministering healing to her twice, she was able to stand up straight with no pain, to walk better, no more pain in her kidneys, and her cough had left. The following night she and her son Paul testified that she had slept better than she had in a long time. Well, as Paul Harvey used to say, “And now, for the rest of the story!”

When we went out on Gault Avenue in Fort Payne to minister to passersby on Saturday, we set up a popup tent at Paul’s property.



Then Margaret, the eighty-year-old lady, appeared and told me that the cough had come back. I ministered to her a couple of times, and it appeared to go. Then the following day on Sunday, her son Paul texted me this report:

‘Wanted to give you a praise report on my mom who continued to cough, but we were persistent. We went to the hospital and God wins!!! Her blood was perfect, her lungs were perfect, her heart was perfect, and her kidneys were perfect. The coughing was a result of a side effect of blood pressure meds, but since her BP is now perfect they are going to discontinue it. See, we came because we trusted God with no doubt. Praise the Lord God!’

While we were at Paul’s property on Gault Avenue we had four decisions for Christ, multiple healings in three individuals, and four people came to receive deliverance from addictions. In two hours. A good day in the Lord.

Tyler had a condition he called a ‘collagen deficiency.’ Because of the condition, his bones would easily pop out of joint. He demonstrated it by showing us how easily his shoulder would pop out of joint when he rotated his arm. We ministered healing to him and the second time around, he was able to rotate his arm and his shoulder stayed in place. He began to weep, and I ministered to him about his need for Jesus. He surrendered to Jesus right there.


Trained disciples minister to Tyler with authority & power


TJ (below) had an addiction to pain meds, and he saw the sign that someone was holding that offered freedom from addiction. He came to us to receive deliverance. He testified that he felt something he had never felt before as we ministered to him, and he prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior as well.



Martha was a Christian who had a back condition and a nerve condition that the doctors said was not fibromyalgia, but it was similar. After we ministered to her, she received healing in her back, and she had no more nerve pain. She then asked us to pray for her addiction to cigarettes. We did, and we believe she received freedom.


Lance interviews Pastor Mike Allen
who set up the popup te

Start watching video at 2:00


Greg (below) was in the passenger seat when his wife pulled up. He had had a tumor on his brain and as a result had lost control of his left arm through a stroke about a year ago. He said the doctors said that he had another tumor that was developing in his forehead area. I asked him to get out of the car, which he did, and we took authority over the tumor, and his arm. He couldn’t clench his fist before we ministered to him. After we ministered, he was able to raise his arm, and clench his fist. He was delighted with what the Lord had done.



Another TJ received ministry for deliverance from drugs and alcohol and surrendered his life to the Lord as well. Two TJ’s in one day. We had been ministering to this TJ in Chattanooga at our homeless/street outreach for a couple of months, and he called a brother and sister and asked them if they would come and get him. They did, and he finally gave it all to the Lord.

There was more that happened, but these were the highlights of that day. Sandy (who attended your Training both in Atlanta and in Alabama) actually went out last Tuesday with some other brothers in Christ and they set up at an empty Ryan’s parking lot. The ministered to 16 people while they were there, and six received healing.

Just want you to know that we all appreciate you and your ministry and all that you do for the Lord, and the training will bear much fruit in this area.”

Lance Rowe

Cross Country Ministries
October 2016


Cross Country Ministries with Lance Rowe

Lance has literally carried the cross through several states in the
United States
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Lance & Michelle (1998) have 7 children


Miraculous healing at a distance in rural Alabama