“After three days of training with two YWAM (Youth With A Mission) teams who came from Bali, Indonesia and Maui in Hawaii along with a local underground worker, we witnessed two major miraculous healings during our demonstration time at the training.

A student from Korea—who had had an operation on his knee ten years ago from a sports injury and another operation two years ago on the same knee which he had re-injured while playing football—regained all flexibility! See the photos below. He said that the only pain remaining in his knee is from a plastic pin.




A student from England (below) was suffering from scoliosis in her spine. She was quickly pain-free as her back straightened out within just a few moments as her fellow Discipleship Training School students laid their hands on her and exercised the Lord’s authority! Her comment was, “I wish you could have felt how crooked my back was before I was healed!”



The DTS (Discipleship Training School of YWAM) students were amazed at the simplicity and the effectiveness of the Elijah Challenge Training as they laid hands on these who had infirmities! They are now equipped to be sent out on our island to preach the gospel with power!”

“Jaimie Alonso” trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2008
Spring 2018 Report