March 2012

Over 300 people came, to our crusade after two days of teaching. Many people confessed faith in Christ, and during the healing time many people were healed and many demons were manifest with vomiting, shrikes, growling and convulsions, etc.  Many spirits of Islam and witchcraft manifested during the healings.  Many students from a deaf and dumb school were brought to the crusade for healing and many deaf ears were opened and children who had never spoken before had their tongues freed and spoke for the first time.  We also had, two uncontrollably demonized people, who were brought in chains to the conference, and were set free from their demons.

By the grace of God, I was used to personally heal over 23 people, and about 100 people were healed all total.  We lost track of how many were healed, because of the crush of the crowd and the large number of people being healed at the same time.  Some of those I ministered to, included, four deaf female students, who had their ears opened and were healed and a 5-year old boy who had never spoken before. 

This boy’s healing was one of the most joyous events for me, as his parents wept great tears of joy as the boy spoke for the first time.  His first words were “Jesus” and his second words were “Jesus is Lord” (all in Indonesian).  We were able to take him to the podium and with many people watching he spoke and called out Jesus name again and again. 

At least 15 deaf and dumb children from the School for the deaf were healed.  I also had several people brought to me with “slow minds” sort of a mild retardation and I could not tell if they were healed or not because of the language difficulties and the use of interpreters, and the noise of the crowd, etc,..  However, one father of a boy we had taken authority over, came running back about 15 minutes after we had tried to heal his son and he was crying and laughing and he grabbed my hand and shook it hard, for a long time and explained that his son “was normal” and that his mind was healed now.  He described it as his son being made well “in his mind.”

One old woman could not stand but she was soon jumping, dancing and stomping the ground when her leg and hip were healed.  One boy with a leg injury that left one leg crippled was soon running and squatting with his bad leg and his heart pain had stopped.  Others with heart angina (pain) were healed, and some with nasal polyps, sinus infections, asthma and lung pain, were healed.  Many back, shoulder, neck, headaches, blurry vision and hips were healed.