The paralyzed and blind healed in the name of Isa Almasih

Miraculous healings in Indonesia in the name of “Isa Al Masih”—Jesus the Christ in Arabic

Dead woman in West Java raised back to life by trained disciples


2013 Training & Evangelistic Events

Enemies of the gospel in Indonesia drop dead suddenly  November 2013

Our early missionary adventures in West Kalimantan and “The Sequel”  April 2013


 2012 Training & Evangelistic Events

Indonesia: “strategic-level spiritual warfare” not necessary but risky June 2012

Training Assemblies of God pastors in Jakarta March 2012

Guard at US Embassy in Indonesia completely transformed by Jesus Christ March 2012


2011 Training & Evangelistic Events

Elijah Challenge Indonesia in neighboring Sabah, Malaysia  Indonesia Coordinator teaches & preaches in the spirit & power of Elijah

Many are healed & accept Christ as Lucille preaches the gospel  November 2011 – Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

 A powerful miracle for a little Dayak boy in West Borneo  
Born with a hole at the bottom of his heart, unable to sit up, to grow normally

Powerful miracles in the underground Church in Indonesia
  with Jaimie & Rose Alonso

Bekasi, West Java One-night Basic Training with an Assembly of God Church

Pontianak, West Kalimantan  God confirms message of repentance with miraculous healings


2009 Training & Evangelistic Events

Ugaran, West Java Open-air Evangelistic Healing Crusade with Pastors Fellowship


  2007 Training & Crusades

Ungaran, West Java with Gereja Bethel Indonesia

Cirebon, West Java Gereja Kristen Perjanjian Baru (Masa Depan Cerah)

Bangka Island with Gereja Bethel Indonesia

Surabaya, East Java with Gereja Bethel Indonesia Diaspora

Bandung, West Java with INDOSOM and City-Wide Prayer Network (JDS)

Bandung, West Java with Gereja Kristen Perjanjian Baru (New Covenant Christian Church)

Medan, Sumatra with Gereja Bethel Indonesia and Gereja Kristen Baithani and City-Wide Prayer Network (JDS)

Jakarta Lucy with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Indonesia

Cengkareng, West Java Hosted by Roberts Liardon Bible School & GBI Betlehem Cengkarang


2006 Training & Crusades

Manado Palembang Medan Jakarta


2005 Training & Crusades

Jakarta with Abbalove Ministries Bali West Borneo (Kalimantan) Dengan Heriani Rompis di Jakarta Papua (Irian Jaya)  Surabaya  Nias  Malang  Semarang Pontianak/Putussibau


2004 Training & Crusades

The Elijah Challenge in Jakarta with Abbalove Ministries (in Indonesian) The Elijah Challenge in Six Cities


2002 Training & Crusades

Surabaya with the homeless Jakarta & Bandung


1978-1987 Pioneering in West Kalimantan

Read our missionary thriller Dancing on the Edge of the Earth Bahasa Indonesia: Menari di Tepian Bumi