“Our event was held in a village called Baghtu Anan in the state of Punjab. Pastor Ranjit Sona organized the event in order to evangelize the village. He has a church here, but was not seeing any growth. Around 390+ people prayed the salvation prayer. The following Sunday Pastor Ranjit had 180 new believers in attendance from among those who had prayed the salvation prayer at the Feeding Event.

Among the many testimonies of miraculous healing were:

  • A young boy who use to stammer was healed, and was able to speak normally.
  • A cyst visible in the neck of a person in attendance disappeared.
  • Someone present had swelling in the liver. The swelling disappeared.
  • A lady suffered from pain for three years, and doctors could find no medical reason for the pain. The pain miraculously disappeared and she was healed.

Please pray for pastor Ranjit Sona.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in North India
August 2019