On Thursday, 21 Sept 2017, my Nepali fellowship member Ranbir Pariyar told me that the young daughter of his wife’s sister, Mamata Pariyar, had been unable to move her hands and legs for four days. Mamata had been hospitalized at Kohalpur Hospital in Nepal.

I had been leading a cell group in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) until 11 pm after which my family and I drove back to our home in Seremban. On the way back I called the number given to me, the number of the hospital in Nepal. My wife was driving and my son Joshua was fast asleep. My daughter Debra was also in the car with us.

It took a while for the phone to connect to the number in Nepal because I think someone had to take the phone call for Mamata. In the Nepali language I introduced myself as Tee Joo Tatt calling from Malaysia and that Mamata‘s father Ranbir had asked me to minister healing to his daughter. I asked if there was anyone there who could lay hands on her while I ministered to her in the name of Jesus Christ.

I had to wait about a minute for her to get her friend or relative to lay hands on her.

With the person laying hands on Mamata, I said over the phone in Nepali, “I command the sickness to get out in Jesus’ Name! This sickness has no authority in this body and I rebuke you in Jesus’ Name! Get out in Jesus’ Name! Be gone in Jesus’ Name! I command healing to the nerves, muscles and bones to be healed in Jesus’ Name!”

Afterwards I asked Mamata, “Can you move your arms now?”

She answered, “Yes I can!”

I asked her, “Do you need me to command healing again?”

She answered, “No need. I can move my arms well!”

I was so full of joy and amazed at God’s miracle and I yelled in Nepal, “Praise God! Hallelujah!”

Then I asked her to place her own hands on her legs that were still paralyzed. I then commanded her legs to be healed in Jesus’ name. then I asked her if she could move her legs since she had been paralyzed in both her arms and legs. Mamata was able to move her legs!

She requested one more round of ministry. After I spoke with authority again, she stood up and walked! Praise God! All praise and glory to our God!

Tee Joo Tatt, Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Nepal