Report by Subodh Jena Kumar in India
August 2012 

The following reports I received from servants of God in Kandhamal (an area of Orissa where Christians suffered severe persecution from Hindus in 2008) following the Elijah Challenge Training I conducted there in August 2012.

 From Brother Sunil:

“Pastor Subodh, thank you for your prayer and teaching. I went to a school to share the gospel to the teachers and asked if any person was sick or having any pain so I could minister to them. There was a Hindu teacher who taught Sanskrit (an earlier language of India) who was suffering from back pain for three months.

I went to him and laid my hand on him, and commanded his back to be healed in Jesus’ name. After that he checked his back and told me that 90% of the pain was gone. I commanded once more in Jesus’ name and asked him to check his back again. There was no more pain. Whether he receives Christ or not, he realized that Jesus had healed him.”

A pastor named Abasalom Anand also called me and told me that he had been working for ten years in Baliguda, Kandhamal. He said:

“Brother Subodh, I am from another district, and I had lost everything [during the recent persecution in Orissa] but many missions and individuals came and helped me. I was able to rebuild my house and other possessions. I was depressed thinking how I could continue to do outreach. I shared John 14:12 in my church and challenged the believers. I was surprised that 16 men and women came forward. From August 9 to 16 we went to five villages and went door to door to preach the gospel and to heal the sick. Not only is the Lord healing the sick through me, but our believers are doing the same in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is unbelievable for us. We ministered to over eight hundred people, and we saw hundreds of healings with our own eyes. The Lord healed hundreds of people. I truly believe my church will grow faster and faster.”

I am very glad to receive these reports from Kandhamal.

Subodh’s Elijah Challenge Training in Kandhamal—site of 2008 Hindu persecution