“I want to report that last week I received a phone call from a young woman named Ann whom I had counseled at my church for several years. Ann had recently undergone day surgery. While still in the recovery room she discovered that she had a lump in the area of one of her breasts.  Two attending nurses confirmed this and even suggested the Anne set an emergency appointment with her doctor who was soon leaving town.  Ann did set an emergency appointment, then, called me for prayer on the day of the appointment.  I prayed with the authority I have in Christ Jesus commanding the lump and any residual effects be gone, now, in the Name of Jesus!  Ann thanked me and called me back right after her appointment saying that her doctor’s exam and tests showed NO abnormalities!  Ann told the physician, Dr. Franklin Rose, that she was healed by Jesus!  Amen!!  To God be the glory!..”

-Annette Moran
Houston, Texas
June 2014