Kurt Simms is a Master Electrician who trained with Elijah Challenge

More reports from Kurt & Mary

Emailed received on August 17, 2013 from Shannon Davis of Omega Man Radio who has hosted The Elijah Challenge in the past

“I have a friend who is a actor in Hollywood and for the last 30 years has also been a minister preaching to convicts at LA County Jail, Chino’s Women Prison, Skid Row and Maximum Security Prisons in the USA.

His name is Mel Novak and his website is: www.melnovak.com.

He worked with Steve McQueen, Chuck Norris and fought Bruce Lee in Game of Death.

Mel is seeking healing from pain caused by sports injuries sustained while playing pro baseball earlier in his career.

I told him about the Elijah Challenge ministry and that I would reach out to you gentlemen and have you pray with him by phone for his healing.”


Immediately we asked our trained brother Kurt Simms to call Mel to minister healing at a distance to him. Within an hour Kurt emailed us:


“I just got off the phone with Mel Novak. I ministered healing to his injured shoulder, to the meniscus in his knee, and to discs in his vertebrae. He was in excruciating pain in all areas. After a little bit of discussion talking about prison ministry we decided to get to the point, and start the healing. I ministered to all three at one time.

Then I asked him for a report on how he was doing. He said that his shoulder was fine. He was standing up and said that he normally had pain while standing (not while lying down), but he was pain free now. Also his knee was restored; he was trying out everything and said he was feeling much better. We had to cut the phone call short because he was scheduled to be on the radio. He was praising the Lord the whole time!

I told him to call me back if he needed further ministry and he said he was going to save my number. Praise the Lord Jesus for He is good!”