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Hinghwa Methodist Church

An historic church in Singapore

Cosmopolitan Singapore: the “jewel of Southeast Asia”

Singapore is sandwiched between Indonesia & Malaysia

About Singapore and Hinghwa Methodist

Hinghwa Methodist Church is an historic church founded 100 years ago for immigrants from the Hinghwa region of Mainland China.

Dedication of present-day Hinghwa Methodist building in 1986

According to official statistics, only about 10% of Singaporeans adhere to Protestant Christianity. The majority are ethnic Chinese, constituting about 75% of the population of over 4.5 million people. There are an estimated one half million Chinese from Mainland China now in Singapore. Wikipedia informs us that “the most followed religion is Buddhism, with 42.5% of the resident population declaring themselves as adherents at the most recent census. The majority of Malays in Singapore are adherents of Islam with a substantial community of Indian Muslims.”

For the gospel to penetrate Singapore effectively, it must be presented consistently with miraculous signs—especially miraculous healings. During these last days, the Lord is restoring the spirit and power of Elijah to the Church for that purpose.

The Basic Training

During the Training we challenged the Singaporean disciples—most of whom are ethnic Chinese—to use the powerful weapon they have been given to reach the Chinese from Mainland China found everywhere in Singapore. We told them that after years of dry atheism, the people in China with over 1.3 billion souls are thirsty and can be very receptive to the gospel. We challenged them to use their talents to reach what we feel is the final and greatest mission field already ripe for the harvest during these last days—Mainland China.

The Evangelistic Healing Service

After we preached the gospel at the climactic Evangelistic Healing Service, we asked the trained disciples to come forward to heal those with infirmities as confirmation of the gospel. They rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Several people were healed as they ministered. One by one those who were healed came forward to testify of what the Lord had done for them. After the testimonies, we led the crowd in a prayer of repentance. People turned to the Lord after hearing the gospel and hearing the testimonies.

Could this be a sign of the Lord’s desire to use these Singaporean disciples to reach the Chinese and China—the final frontier—for the gospel during these last days?

Sunday Morning

At the Sunday morning service, following a message of repentance from lukewarmness and loving the world, infirm people were healed as the trained believers ministered to them. The testimonies of healing from them confirmed the message of repentance, and the people responded to the message in kind. We received several comments from the people who told us that the hard word we had delivered to them was right-on.

Above & below: Healing the infirm to confirm the word of God

Man testifies that his completely severed shoulder tendon is instantly healed

Above & below: many other testimonies of miraculous healing

Afterwards the leaders came to us and expressed unusual appreciation for the teaching. Their heart is to equip every disciple for works of service according to Ephesians 4:13, and that is exactly the focus of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training. Therefore they will be applying what has been taught. They want all of their people to obey the Lord and to be used by the Lord for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in Singapore and Asia.

May God grant them the grace to use and apply fruitfully what they have been taught. May they eventually teach and train other Singaporean churches how to heal the sick as Jesus taught and commanded his disciples when he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God. Please pray for this church which we sense is after God’s own heart. May the Lord send forth laborers from this church into the vast harvest fields of Asia.

Community Carnival Outreach in December 2010

“Hinghwa Methodist Church recently held a 2-day community carnival from 18-19 December. We blocked off the entire street outside the church, and had lots of fun, preaching of God’s word, game stalls, gave good baskets to the community and had a “prayer clinic”. This is where we took the lessons we learnt from the Elijah Challenge to pray for sick to be healed. God is good and we had a wheelchair bound stroke victim who walked after being healed. We also had cases where someone had a perpetual problem of ‘teeth grinding’. After being prayed for, the person’s ‘teeth grinding’ issue stopped. We prayed for folks who had pain, epilepsy, smoking habits, etc. 10 souls were saved in that event, in which over 4000 people came through.

God can also do healings in countries like Singapore.”