Elijah Challenge-trained Subodh Jena Kumar is based in Orissa, India

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

“This morning a phone call came from a Hindu man. He told us that his sister had been suffering from a curse sent through witchcraft for one year. They had gone to a doctor and to a sorcerer several times but she was not delivered.

While we were talking over the telephone she was unconscious. I told him to switch on the loudspeaker on his mobile phone and to place it near her. I ministered to her over the phone in Jesus’ name. While I was ministering to her over the phone her brother told me that some reaction was taking place in her body. Within a moment she came to her senses.  She believed and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. What a miracle-performing God we serve.

Students score high on exams

Last week a phone call came to us from a brother named Mukta Kumar who one month back had requested us to pray for his +2 exam. Today he informed us that God had heard our prayer and he had received the second division mark in his exam. Praise the Lord.

Before going to the examination hall, a Catholic brother named Asis Kullu requested us to pray for him as he took the matriculation examination. He informed that the Lord had heard our prayer and he had scored at the 90th percentile.


Prayer results in engagement to pastor

A Church of North India (CNI) sister named Nilendri had told us a month back that she was undergoing emotional difficulties because she had been unable to find a husband even though she was getting on in years. Her neighbour and others were making comments about her and she was very depressed. She said that she did not want to live anymore and wanted to commit suicide.

We also felt sad for her situation and started to pray for a bright future for her.  Praise the Lord our God is a prayer-answering God. Last evening she informed us that she is getting married to a pastor.”