“We are now settling in our new part time home in Asia. We are living in a mostly Hindu area here. As the years have gone by I have become friends with the local Hindu “shaman” in this community. He lives just a minute’s walk away.  We were introduced to him by his wife who was healed of a cataract a few years ago. She was our cook at that time. Four years ago, he asked me to minister to him as he had been attacked by a rooster at the local fight night. The spur of the rooster ripped his ankle and he had not been able to walk ever since. The first evening of ministry went fantastic. He told me that this was the best medicine he had ever had, but the 2nd day did not go well as his pain seemed to be worse after ministry. But something did happen.

The day we arrived here, January 20th, to my surprise, he was waiting for me outside to renew our friendship. He was looking for more ministry to his leg and ankle. I was very moved when he bonded his 2 fingers together and told me we are friends! He sits in a wheelchair now that was purchased by the childrens’ home for him. His knee is now locked at a 90-degree angle and also has no feeling in his calf. The doctors say there is absolutely nothing wrong with his leg.

We talked a little to renew the past and then he wanted me to minister to his knee. When I had finished, the feeling had come back to his calf and the knee had opened up to 45 degrees! No pain. Again, I had shared the Gospel with him and to my surprise he has been reading a Bible and actually repeated what I was saying and that only Jesus can forgive our sins by dying on the cross! We met again on the road outside our home and I again laid hands to his knee. There was more movement as I felt the knee “drop”. He showed my friends how he can now kick his leg to almost a totally straight position!

I believe due to his background that this “mountain” will take time to move. I may have to ask him about renouncing his involvement with witchcraft but I also think that there may not be anymore demonic activity in his life and the healing will come with more ministry.

What did happen? Our relationship has brought him to a point of him having some kind of trust in the Lord.  He is reading his Bible. By being the “spiritual leader” in this community, he can read what he wants without being ridiculed. If he truly is saved at some point, there could be a great move of the Gospel in this community. He is convinced that Jesus can heal him! So am I!”

Jaimie and Rosa Alonso, Elijah Challenge-trained Missionaries in Asia
February 1, 2018

Jaime ministering healing to Hindu shaman in Jesus’ name


“All three of them [young Christian men] seemed foreign to the idea that God could actually use them to heal the sick…”

“When my wife and I were waiting in the Williams Lake airport [in Canada] leaving for Asia, a couple came into the departure area to see there son off. The couple were friends of my wife whom she had not seen in many years. They were seeing their son off for a 3-month mission trip to Asia. The plan was to stay a month in 3 different countries. As God would have it, his first stop was also our destination—the island where we would be ministering. On our team on the island, there would be two other young men, one of them being the son of a pastor.

Many years ago his pastor parents had moved to our area of Williams Lake from Fiji in order to plant a church among our native people, a church which eventually grew to 200 strong. The young man’s mother was a little concerned for her son as she wondered if there would be any opportunity for ministry on our island. I asked if he would like to stay with us, and go to an unreached village for ministry. She cried.

Within two weeks all three young men were at our place on the island for a 4-day stay. I took the opportunity to share the “mini”-Elijah Challenge Training with them. I was surprised as all three of them seemed foreign to the idea that God could actually use them to heal the sick. They confessed that they struggled with the idea of healing the sick, but were willing to go to a village and to see what would happen. All three young men had attended Trinity Western University, a well-known Christian university near Vancouver.

After a 45-minute drive on a fairly remote road we came to a Hindu/Muslim village. There is a lot of intermarriage there between Muslims and Hindus with one spouse converting to the religion of the other. Everyone in the village is getting along very well. However, followers of Isa Almasiah (Jesus Christ in Arabic) are not welcome.

I had been to this village before with an elder from our church in Canada. He had ministered healing to a man there who had been unable to walk.

To my surprise there was a missionary couple there sharing the Gospel with a Hindu man. I had trained this couple a few years back, had run into them on another island a few years ago, and now again here in this village. They are the bravest missionaries I know as they fearlessly work among Muslims planting home churches wherever they minister. They were sharing the Gospel with this man. He had been sick for over two months with pain throughout his body and also suffered from insomnia. Two visits to the local shaman did not help. 

The man’s wife was a “secret” Christian and was desperately hoping her husband would be saved! When the couple had finished their ministry, which was strong on repentance, they asked us to minister healing to the man. I shared with him that Jesus would heal him today—but if he rejected Jesus the infirmity could return. He understood.

The young men had previously confessed their lack of faith. I asked them to confess it to God, and have it replaced with mountain-moving faith. After that we all laid hands on the man and “went into the war zone” commanding healing in Jesus’ name. After three rounds of ministry and some very rigorous testing of his sore joints, all was fantastic. I think the boys were surprised at how easy the results were achieved.

There were some Muslims gathering around us, and we were told that it was time to leave. The worry was that photos would be taken of me, placed on Facebook for to the Muslim community to cause trouble for us in this area.

I met up with the missionaries the following Sunday at their church. The man was completely healed, and was off to Malaysia for work.

Without a demonstration of God’s power, I am not sure that this man would have become a believer!”

February 2018

The three young Canadian men are standing behind the Muslim man in the middle who was miraculously healed by the Lord