By Subodh Jena Kumar, Orissa, India
September 3, 2012

A wonderful miracle I am going to share with you.

Yesterday evening we got a phone call. An eight-year-old girl was suffering from severe stomach pain and blood in her urine. Rosy and I went and ministered to her. Meanwhile another telephone call came from a nearby village called Malgaon. A Hindu man named Lalu Durga was suffering from a very severe demonic attack.

His family told me that he could die from demonic forces pressing down on his chest. The pain was severe and he was not able to breathe properly. They were afraid that at any time his breathing would stop. At that very moment we ministered to him over the phone from the house of the eight-year-old girl and commanded the demon to leave him. The demon left him at that very moment.

The family then requested us to go to their home. The next morning I went to that village and found a few families gathered to meet us. I shared the gospel with them and again ministered to Lalu. They all believed and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. Lalu said that he might have died but thanked me much for ministering to him. Now he and his family believed fully in Jesus.

What a wonderful miracle the Lord did there at Malgaon.

 On Sunday we are going there to have a prayer fellowship with them. The following information we received from that village:

For ten years he had suffered from demonic attacks from time to time. He would have severe pain in his chest. Something was pressing forcefully on his chest so that he was not able to walk or talk. Not being able to breathe normally he would lie down on his bed when the attack began. In the beginning he consulted with doctors in Bhawanipatna. After doing an MRI and other scans they doctor did not found any medical condition, and so could not diagnose the disease. They referred him to a big medical center. He went to the big Christian hospital called Bissumcuttack and spent thousands and thousands of rupees.  He also went to many sorcerers and sacrificed a goat, a chicken, etc. But it did not help him. Finally it was the Lord who performed the mighty miracle for him.

I believe that through this many of his fellow villagers will come to Christ.