Pastor Tito Cagang was trained by Asia Coordinator Albert Kang

March 11, 2012

“I am glad to give you the report regarding the two persons who were healed through Elijah Challenge’s method of commanding in Jesus’ name. These two persons are a married couple. The husband was suffering from high blood pressure, back pain, and bad vision in his both eyes. The wife was also suffering from cough which lasted for two years. She had migraine headache and also a  mild stroke that caused her to be paralyzed. The reason why they had requested me to conduct a house Bible study was because they wanted to receive healing from the Lord. I immediately went to their house together with my staffs from our Bible School and conducted a Bible study in their home. I applied the correct healing procedure based on teaching that you showed us when you were here last year. I  used the name of Jesus to rebuke all the pains and sickness. Thanks to the Lord when I rebuked and cast out the pains and sickness, the couple was immediately and completely healed. Because of these miracles, the couple accepted Christ as their Savior. They invited us to give them Bible study until today.

And this is reason why they have been accepted Jesus Christ and holding continuously a home Bible study until now because of the healing they have received.

Therefore, I am happy to express my thanks to you because of your teaching on how to heal the sick effectively. All strategies and healing procedures that you taught us are very useful and we have already used them successfully.”