From Brighton Mayamba in Zambia on August 15, 2012:

“I have problem with persistent high blood pressure which doctors say it has affected my heart. Pray over me for deliverance.”

From trained disciple Dennis Green on August 16:

“Dear Brighton, I would be happy to minister healing to your heart and circulatory system. If you have Skype you can reach me at dennisgdg. Otherwise we can minister by phone. I am in the Central Time zone of the U.S. (Near Houston, Texas). Let me know a convenient time that we can connect.”

From Brighton on August 21:

“Dear Dennis, thanks for the response. I really appreciate your love. I do not have a skype account and a telephone call would be fine. My time zone is +2 GMT. I am always available any time after 6 PM. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

From Dennis on August 22:

“I’m sorry the quality of the call was poor. There was much background noise and distortion and the connection was breaking up. I’m believing the Lord has healed you. If the healing is not complete please get back to me by phone or email. Please let me know if your healing is complete.”

From Brighton on August 29:

“Dear Dennis, I want to thank God for you. From the time you ministered to me I have been feeling much, much better. I have however not yet done a full medical examination to authenticate my healing. Once this is done, I will still get back to you. Thanks a lot for the love you have shown to me.”

From Dennis on August 29:

“Praise God! Thanks for the update, Brighton. I will continue to pray for you. God can heal even through a poor telephone connection.”