February 25, 2012

“I am contacting you regarding healing. I have noted that on your website, there is an offer of Ministry, on the phone or otherwise, for any individual willing. I am very thankful for this.

Recently, I think that I may have had a mini-heart attack, and a mini-stroke. This happened a week ago. Since then, I’ve felt some sort of fogginess in my head (which I’ve been treating with hyperbaric oxygen therapy to some success), however my head remains foggy and my heart feels quite weak. It beats irregularly, I can literally feel the high blood pressure (stress related, environment related). I have taken this as a sign from God our Father, to finally turn away from my sins and stop letting the worries of the world be the weeds where my seed will not grow. I am truly ready to fully accept Christ and my dream is to be a healer, to help people wherever I can, heal them of their afflictions and to do this in God’s name. 

I would like to request Ministry over the phone. I am located in Toronto, Canada and would be more than happy to call in to speak to someone.”

Trained disciple Dennis Green in Houston then ministered to Peter over the telephone that evening when Peter was in his car, and followed it up with more ministry as needed over the next few days.

February 28, 2012

“When you ministered to me the last time (mid-day yesterday) I had still been feeling a lot of cloudiness, fogginess etc in my head. We spoke at about noon I think.

After we finished, not much changed. My head was foggy. However, by later that night, I actually felt my head was clear for the first time since it happened. I slept peacefully last night. My head cleared. My appetite returned after a week where I lost 10-15 pounds. 

I still have some minor pains, but it’s not cloudiness anymore, it’s more headache-like pain. Today, my first day back at work, I actually felt good. For a little while, my head seemed to return to the fogginess, but it definitely is getting better. As I’m writing this, I feel no significant fogginess any longer, although once in a while I do get headache-like symptoms which are much more manageable. I’ll wait and see a day or two how it turns out and give you a more complete debriefing.”

March 6, 2012

“I have been in touch with Dennis Green regarding my recovery and it has been fantastic. I plan on getting re-baptized, born again and hope to heal as taught by the Elijah Challenge. I am on the advanced course now. I came back from the Doctor today and everything was perfect, even blood pressure.”